Primavera Success Stories - Cost & Schedule Performance


Leading Oil Company building an Ethanol plant in Saskatchewan, Canada


The conventional way of measuring Earned Value is on deliverables and activities. The client, however, needed to measure Cost and Schedule Performance of the Departments/Disciplines from which the resources were recruited rather than from the deliverables that were being produced.

Time-sheeting was done at the level of the department/discipline rather than at the activity/deliverable level.

Both these factors put together made it difficult to determine reasonable and accurate cost & schedule performance figures.

Emerald’s solution

Oracle Primavera P6 facilitates the creation and use of very comprehensive coding structures for Projects, Resources, Activities and Cost Accounts. Emerald exploited this feature and the “Global Change” features of P6 to calculate Earned Value and Planned Value by department/discipline and were able to provide the client with usable metrics.


Primavera Success Stories - Turnarounds


A large chemical plant in Ontario, Canada.


The chemical plant had been using SAP to manage its turnarounds. The results were usually less than desirable: in one case, the turnaround finished a month behind schedule and spent $70M on a $25M budget.

A few years earlier, the same chemical plant had declared force majeure due to a delayed turnaround. Emerald started using this example as a lesson to teach others that scheduling should not be considered in legal terms as an "Act of God" or the French meaning of force majeure, a Superior Force. Unknown to the Emerald presenter, an employee of that company attended a presentation where this example was used. Emerald was hired to provide a solution.

Emerald’s Solution

Proper project planning in Oracle Primavera P6 was the key to success. Training and consulting provided by Emerald's experienced team helped to produce better than expected results. Emerald helped the chemical plant's turnaround by achieving:

  • Real time information showing Scheduled versus Actual values
  • Reporting on progress
  • Determining critical activities
  • Determining resource availability and assignments
  • Control of staffing levels
  • Managing found and removed work
  • Generating management reports for daily review
  • Integrating Primavera with the SAP system
  • Successful integration through proper staff training 


In Q4 of 2009, Emerald successfully consulted and actively participated in the planning of this chemical plant's turnaround. At the end of the turnaround, the plant was able to start up 2 days earlier than planned while spending less than expected.  This was a very successful initiative for the client.

Primavera Success Stories - Measuring Energy Savings


Provincial Government Agency, Ontario, Canada


The company collected data from various sources and in various formats in order to calculate energy savings and benefit values for their energy savings initiatives in the province. This made it impossible to report on energy conservation results at the portfolio level.

Emerald’s Solution

Emerald implemented Primavera P6 to allow the company to manage and record data from different initiatives in the same format and run standardized reporting and analysis on program performance. Emerald has developed a loader program that allows the client to import the data from Excel spreadsheets into Primavera. Emerald has also developed a benefit calculator program that is used to calculate the savings and benefits. The client was able to see the results through custom developed portlets that can be accessed through the dashboards in P6 Web, the Primavera web tool.


This is a very successful outcome for the client, who is now able to manage its initiatives at a portfolio level through what-if scenarios and cost effectiveness tests which are also used for planning future energy conservation initiatives in the province.

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Primavera P6

Delivering successful projects to keep you competitive

  • Align strategy, execution and results: ensure all projects are aligned to enterprise objectives

  • Manage incoming demand and prioritize work to select the right projects

  • Improve decisions and accountability through enterprise-wide visibility, workflows and collaboration

  • Reduce the risk of cost and schedule overruns

  • Optimize management of all resources – human capital, budgets, facilities – for maximum ROI



  • Oracle’s Primavera enterprise project portfolio management solution is the most powerful, robust, and easy to use solution for globally prioritizing, planning, managing and executing projects, programs and portfolios. P6 is an integrated project portfolio management (PPM) solution comprising role-specific functionality to satisfy each team member’s needs, responsibilities and skills. It provides a single solution for managing projects of any size, adapts to various levels of complexities within a project, and intelligently scales to meet the needs of various roles, functions, or skill levels in your organization.


    Project management is not easy. Many companies are involved in large projects that involve many different workers across different levels, resulting in multiple challenges arising, including lack of standardization, no visbility across different projects, little collarboration both internally and externally, and reporting not meeting the right needs or "real time" requirements. Also, companies tend to use multiple tools such as Excel and MS-Project, and everyone maintains their own schedules as unconnected islands, which results in data latency. Furthermore, project controls professionals or project managers literally chase people down by phone, e-mails and meetings to obtain their latest progress. This is exacerbated by multiple technologies, and companies end up struggling to obtain just 90% of the actual progress. At the end of the day, you are trying desperately to follow your standard operating procedure but the SOP is ideal, NOT real life.


    The simple solution is P6®. P6® provides executives with a real-time view of their organization's projects,programs and portfolio performance. It equips managers with the right blend of usability, power and flexibility to effectively and efficiently execute on projects, and enables individuals across all levels of an organization to analyze, record, and communicate reliable information and make timely, informed decisions.

    P6® makes it easy to:

    • Select the right strategic mix of projects
    • Assure project, IT and corporate governance
    • Enhance processes and methods
    • Improve project team collaboration
    • Measure progress toward objectives
    • Complete more projects successfully and with the intended payback


    P6® is a multi-platform solution offering many choices that are role-appropriate for each type of user. No matter which way you choose to obtain project intelligence, it all points to a single data source on your project or program. For project engineers who are out at a job site, they can have disconnected or mobile access, Project Managers and Project control professionals may choose desktop access for early warning indicators and other power features they require. Subcontractors may update their part of the schedule or clients may want to gain visibility into project progress through the flexibility of a browser access. And the management team may want to see high-level project summaries via an interactive browser interface that delivers KPIs and management reports. It also centralizes project information, which results in:

    • Project Lifecycle Management
    • Integrated detailed cost information
    • Enhanced processes and methods
    • Measured progress toward objectives
    • Comprehensive Resourcing
    • Powerful enterprise reporting
    • Integrated project teams
    • Standardized processes
    • Improved communication


    P6® allows for standardized processes that are consistent and can be analyzed, templated and improved upon. It also facilitates collaboration both internally and externally and provides visibility across multiple project or group of projects. With web capabilities P6® is much more flexible and extendable to both smaller projects as well as more complex ones. Margin for error is also dramatically lowered with the elimination of manual/multiple entry systems. Real-time information is at hand, and the application is "role based" and is set up by an administrator and access to the enterprise data is pre-determined by your organization again allowing your organization to develop best practices.

    Furthermore, P6® facilitates project prioritization & mitigates project risk consistency including:

    • Web Project Management
    • Collaborative Scheduling (first and only provider); Facilitates collaboration so "everyone is on the same page"
    • Resource Allocation & Capacity Planning
    • Integrated job costing
    • Flexible deployment
    • Allows usability for all project members on projects of all sizes
    • Enhanced processes and methods
  • Emerald has helped many companies across various industries worldwide, including Health Care, Oil & Gas, Electrical Utilities, Manufacturing, IT, Pharmaceutical and Engineering/Construction, to install, implement, and integrate P6®, along with training users on how to use the software.


For more information, please review the following:


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