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TAPS v11 Webinar: Update Primavera P6 with a Mobile Device - 2023-10-05


TAPS webinar screen grab 2019 03

Turnarounds, shutdowns and outages (TSOs) are high-profile, complex and time sensitive projects. With millions of dollars on the line each day in lost revenue and labor costs, it is critical that the TSOs be completed on schedule.

Emerald’s Turnaround Progressing System (TAPS) uses barcode scanning technology to eliminate manual data entry  and the errors that go with it when updating your P6 schedules at the end of the shift, saving you over 75% of your statusing time. In two fast scans, you can find, start, finish and status any activity in your schedule. There is no faster way to get updates into P6. It is so simple that less experienced and less expensive resources can get P6 updates done.

In version 11, TAPS has the same trusted functionality of the previous version but with a new look. You can still scan updates for any activity % complete type. Scanning steps, updates, and resource updates are still part of TAPS functionality. Added to that  functionality, you can now use TAPS on mobile devices. Yes, you can update activities right from your phone.

Join our free webinar and see how TAPS v11 will help make your next shutdown, turnaround or outage run much smoother!

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