P6 EPPM Strengthening the Capacity of the Leading National Cancer Center in the US

Iryna Mykolayenko
Emerald Associates Inc.

Jennifer Koh
City of Hope


As a leading national health care center, City of Hope (COH) has been transformed due to the effective
implementation of P6 EPPM. This case study demonstrates how P6 has become COH’s primary tool for
achieving operational excellence, as well as increased profitability and sustainability. COH is leading the
way on improved project delivery and this project, as well as its lessons learned, needs to be shared
with the rest of the industry.

About City of Hope (COH) and Emerald Associates

COH is a leading research, treatment and education center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening
diseases. Designated as a comprehensive cancer center, the highest honor bestowed by the National
Cancer Institute, and a founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, City of Hope's
research and treatment protocols advance care throughout the nation. City of Hope is located in Duarte,
California, just northeast of Los Angeles, and it is ranked as one of "America's Best Hospitals" in cancer
by U.S. News & World Report. Founded in 1913, City of Hope is a pioneer in the fields of bone marrow
transplantation and genetics.

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City of Hope’s Facilities and IT PMOs are using the Oracle Primavera suite of products for their project
portfolio management system. P6 EPPM is used throughout the IT group to manage projects including
weekly timesheet tracking. The PMO’s goal was to improve their project selection process and resource
management to maximize IT’s ROI to the organization by following their governance model more
rigorously. To ensure ongoing portfolio management was being carried out management reporting on
portfolio and project were required. To achieve these goals, additional Phase 2 rollout efforts enhancing
the P6 EPPM usage were required.

In the summer of 2013, COH engaged Emerald Associates as their Phase 2 P6 implementation expert.
By fall 2013, COH had a P6-EPPM environment with Stage and Phase level resource and deliverables
management that allowed the senior management and project managers to select and report on project
status that followed the COH governance model.

P6 EPPM Improving Project Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling

In the summer of 2013, during the intensive and incredibly productive five weeks of joint work, the
COH/Emerald team was able to rework the P6-EPPM environment to give the COH IT-PMO the tools to
select and manage their IT-portfolio from long-term Capital projects, to sustaining or enhancements
projects right through to ongoing support projects. To do that we focused on developing a strong
foundation of standards, templates and reports to allow for immediate improvements in management and
to launch COH’s IT-PMO on an ongoing path for project management improvement.

Portfolio Standards – EPS and OBS
The EPS and OBS structures were overhauled to establish a robust security model and improve user
navigation by department/group. This ensured that confidential projects were secure while improving
reporting and overall management. User administration was also improved and security profiles reworked
ensuring proper access to the right projects for the cross-functional team access.

Project Standards – Project Codes, UDFs, metrics, WBS Phases, etc.
Project level coding was completely revamped to allow multi-level user driven visibility, reporting and
portfolio filtered views with metrics that matched the COH governance model right through to phase and
stage resource and milestone reporting.

Delivery Standards – Templates, Phases, Timelines, Roles, Effort
Scalable phase based templates were developed in accordance with the Project Delivery Method (PDM)
adopted by COH. The templates brought immediate efficiency by allowing the PMs to track governance
and project deliverables by phase and stage and budgeted cost and resource requirements to the phase,
stage, deliverable and work type allowing for real lifecycle planning and management.
P6 EPPM Successfully Supporting Resource Planning, Usage & Reporting

Team Standards – Resource and Role Dictionaries, Resource and Role Teams
Resource and role dictionaries were developed across the internal and extended COH IT team. Resource
codes and UDFs were used to ensure flexibility in forecasting resource requirements and potential
prioritization conflicts and better decision making. Better progress reporting and timesheet compliance
reporting was also carried out to streamline the weekly statusing and management reporting functions.
Department managers and program managers now have a real view of project and support team
commitments and prioritization.

Reporting Standards – CIO Dashboards, Business Unit Management Dashboards, Project Management Dashboards
KPI dashboards were developed and used real-time in meetings to provide the CIO, Business Unit
Leaders and Project Managers better discussion and decision making tools. Some of the most commonly
used dashboards include portlets on Earned Value Performance, Schedule Performance, Index
Performance, Portfolio and Project Statistics, Project Health, Resource Analysis, Open Requests for
Resources, etc.


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