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P6-Calculator and P6-Reporter Makes Power BI Reporting a Breeze

Major North Eastern utility company uses P6-Reporter and P6-Calculator to improve their reporting.

regulatory metrics management

Client Overview

Major North Eastern utility using P6 to plan transmission and distribution maintenance and projects. The team needed to improve their ability to ensure that regulatory deliverables were being met while managing the deliverables in a more balanced and consistent manner.


  • With hundreds of projects on the go across several states with different regulatory reporting requirements, setting standards across the team for consolidated management reporting was needed

  • Ensuring that regulatory commitment dates are met within the month, quarter and year was critical but very time consuming to manage

  • Giving the P6 scheduling team a quick way to find missing P6 information for coding and tracking milestone commitment dates was needed


  • Using P6-Calculator to flag and count key in-service milestones within P6 and then snapshotted for use within Power BI

  • P6-Loader was used to cleanup manually created data that was used in the reporting to set up standards

  • P6-Reporter automatically snapshotted the reports every Monday at 8am to give management current reports for the weekly status meeting

  • P6-Calculator did automatic quarterly and monthly flagging for easy data validation across P6 and Power BI

  • Produced overall project metrics, in-service monitoring, construction readiness, and scheduling team production reporting

  • P6-Auditor allows for ongoing metrics for schedule performance on update counts to avoid bottlenecks and back dating tasks

CAPPS Makes Updating Hundreds of Projects Easy

Remote PMs get updates in on time with CAPPS

Remote Project Managers get updates in on time

Written by Nicole Jardin

Client Overview

When managing a multi-million, country-wide building upgrade and retrofit program with over 150 project managers, getting timely updates is very challenging.


  • Getting bi-weekly status updates from 150 remote project managers was taking over a week to accomplish

  • Capturing monthly costs in a timely manner to get the program reporting reviewed and validated without major overtime for the project controls team

  • Ensuring consistent updating of key milestones and schedule slippage analysis

  • Getting all PMs to take responsibility for the updates and the timelines and understanding inter-project dependency impacts


  • P6-Loader was used to clean up project templates for some 500 projects in play to acquire consistency

  • CAPPS is used for weekly updates by over 150 PMs

  • The project controls teams review and approve all updates in P6 and discuss any anomalies with the PMs right away

  • CAPPS is allowing meeting updates to run more efficiently with the on-screen grid

  • Program management reporting is now being done with a lot less stress and overtime

  • P6-Calculator allows for flagging of variances and easy filtering of late and overdue items for the schedulers to find across hundreds of projects

Integrated Daily Cost Control - Discoverer -> P6, PCM

Integration allows PMs to manage 20 projects at once

PMs get on top of projects with daily integrated system

Written by Nicole Jardin

Client Overview

Calgary pre-fab manufacturer with international projects needed integration to accounting and purchasing system to get control over client commitments and internal and external spending for hundreds of simultaneous projects.


  • Tracking costs to date on hundreds of projects manually was too time consuming

  • Client forecasting was taking too long and overruns were being missed

  • Senior management was not getting the reporting done in a timely manner


  • Integrated daily costs from Discoverer into P6 and PCM Contract Management

  • Updated the external contract and PO costs into expenses

  • Integrated the internal detailed resource costs into resources and forecasted onto the budget resource

  • P6-Calculator did all the cost rollups and comparisons to the budget

  • P6-Calculator flagged integration errors, mismatches, and potential incorrect charges for the PM

  • BI Reporting was developed for cost to date, forecasting, earned value, CPI, SPI and changes to-date

Integrated E-Business EAM to P6 for Multi-Plant Resource Scheduling

Oracle E-Business EAM Integration to P6

Global Production Management with P6

Written by Nicole Jardin

Client Overview

As Canada's largest potash mining organization with over 20 mines in North America, managing global production supply is critical. Planning daily production, weekly short outages and monthly maintenance days while implementing larger capital projects and major shutdowns is very challenging. Using spreadsheets and lists was not working particularly well for production planning and productivity analysis in real time.


  • Consistent coordination of Shutdowns and Capital Projects in short work windows while maintaining production and productivity forecasting

  • Detailed scope planning and resource planning across underground and above ground skilled resources

  • Easy updating, forecasting and realtime earned value analysis during the shutdown work and contractor productivity


  • Realtime updates from Oracle E-Business EAM into P6 for Projects, Work Orders, Tasks and Resources allowing for easier plan development for maintenance work, mini-outage work, turnaround work windows and capital programs across several plants

  • Implemented within 6 months including dev, test, QA, and production. P6-Loader was used to move the P6 coding structures, EPS, OBS, codes, UDFs, and resources in a matter of minutes and to maintain these environments.

  • Better analysis of planned resource requirements, spending planning and timeframes across the capital programs throughout the plants

  • Improved delivery on outage deadlines, timeframes and what-if capability particularly related to managing production capacity across the plants

  • Better understanding of mining equipment and productivity rates for improved forecasting. Reduced effort to build the schedules, allowing better management of the short 1-2 power outage windows.

  • P6-Calculator ensured auto-archiving of the projects and work orders to keep the P6 database clean and manageable and to produce rollup data for resources and flagging of integration changes