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TAPS Webinar - Fast and Painless Progressing of Primavera P6 - 2018-07-17

TAPS Webinar - Fast and Painless Progressing of Primavera P6 - 2018-07-17



Can you imagine updating hundreds of Primavera P6 tasks in just one hour and doing it without any fat finger typing mistakes? Can you imagine not having to wake up at 4 am to make these changes for the start of shift? We couldn't either before building TAPS. But now, with 2 quick barcode scans, you can update tasks, resource usage, cancel work and much more, making your life during a turnaround a lot more productive. With our built in earned value capturing, reporting will be a breeze.

Come learn why TAPS is one of Emerald's must have turnaround productivity tools designed to make P6 work even better during your shutdown, turnaround or outage projects. Once you've used it, you won't want to live without it.

“I have to say that the TAPS system provided by Emerald is one of the more efficient, easy to use, and accurate systems I’ve had the opportunity to use while working with Primavera ... I’m now faster than the check-out clerk at Walmart.” - Ken Admire - Husky Energy