Oracle Primavera Training Overview

Primavera Training

Since 1995, Emerald Associates has offered Certified Primavera Training across North America.

Emerald Associates provides both open and on-site Oracle Primavera software and project management training courses to our customers.

We believe that an excellent trainer not only teaches, but also uses the tools in practice. Therefore, all our trainers also work as Implementation Specialists helping clients with a wide variety of tasks related to the software tools and methodologies. This allows our trainers to continuously learn about new clients and industries and draw on their professional backgrounds. We are proud of our highly skilled trainers who can support their instruction with real life examples.

Emerald Associates takes pride in the Oracle Primavera training we deliver to our customers. Emerald posessess a long list of positive reviews done at the end of every class that is available on request.

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*Emerald Associates strives to offer the best training environment by including professionally catered breakfasts, lunches, and beverages in the price of the course.

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