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Managing Risk In SAFRAN Risk Analysis Training - Calgary, 2019-08-21
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Managing Risk In SAFRAN Risk Analysis Training - Calgary, 2019-08-21

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    Schedule risk analysis has been around for a number of years and has proven to be a useful tool in predicting and managing the risks that will prevent a project for being completed on time. Companies who have completed risk analysis exercises on their projects have found that their projects are more successful and the project team is better prepared to manage change before it becomes a crisis.

    Companies that have success in completing one-off risk analysis naturally want to move to a standardized risk process and conduct schedule risk analysis on more projects - they want to mature in their risk process. Additionally, these companies realize that the costs and schedule risk models are intrinsically linked and the two models need to run together, rather than as separate exercises.


    Designed by the project risk experts that brought Pertmaster™ to market, Safran Risk seamlessly combines advanced project schedule risk, duration risk, and cost risk analysis for ultimate analysis integrity.

    Safran Risk gives you access to robust, schedule risk and cost risk analysis together on one platform, for powerful integrated analysis and significant time and cost savings. Safran has a full range of risk features - from maintaining a simple list of risks in a spreadsheet to performing a detailed quantitative risk analysis, for both schedule risk and cost risk. No more “translating” cost information into a format the schedule can understand.

    Safran Risk also aids in improving a company's risk maturity by making standard processes easy to manage and by providing a common database for all risk models. Instead of maintaining risk data in four or five different applications, Safran Risk holds all risk information in one place. Safran Risk is also the only commercially available tool that meets the requirements to achieve Level 5 of Dr. David Hulett's Risk Maturity Assessment.


    From a process perspective, combining these systems is more than just convenient. It actually saves you significant time that can be used to perfect your project plan. Based on the average project, we estimate that you will easily save hours if not days or weeks over the course of the life cycle of a typical process by streamlining your cost and schedule risk analysis.

    Through its streamlined approach, Safran Risk gives you the ability to run more scenarios in the same amount of time. More what-ifs ultimately mean a more complete picture of what you’re trying to accomplish. From the standpoint of time and money, integrated cost and schedule is better than doing them separately. There are fewer tools, less data issues, more time, and more scenarios. As a result, Safran Risk delivers a project plan that yields the best ROI.

    Safran Risk Management

  • 19 Years of Risk Analysis Experience

    Since 2002, Emerald Associates has been one of the only Authorized Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis implementer and certified training providers. We are a current member of Oracle University and have trained over 7000 students worldwide. Recently, we have applied this experience to Safran Risk, working with Safran to develop training materials for their customers.

    Most importantly, Emerald Associates has a long and broad experience dealing in large project risk analysis including:

    • Risk analysis of one of the largest CO2 collection project in the world
    • A $2B major CAPEX project involving new technology - a complete evaluation of the risks from design to startup
    • A $4B petrochemical complex project
    • A Public Private Partnership (P3) project to evaluate cost and schedule risk for the contractor during the bid stage
    • A Pharmaceutical company developing new products
    • Multiple Plant Turnarounds for a large oil and gas company
    • Commissioning and startup readiness risk for a large mine expansion
    • A major new capital project incorporated into a plant during a turnaround. The mixing of cultures between capital projects and maintenance work was reflected in every aspect of the work and represented multiple threats. This analysis represented a challenge for diplomacy and human relations in the interview process.
    • A new separator and upgrader development. At the time of our risk analysis, engineering was peaking, infrastructure was being built and site clearing had commenced. A notable feature of this study was the extreme pressure on engineering and construction resources and galloping cost escalation. Mitigation actions included various labour incentives.
    • A new Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) plant. The engineering was at its height and piling is just starting. Our analysis was largely focused on the procurement and engineering processes that were intimately entwined and driving the construction process.
    • Analysis of the risks for a nuclear generation facility restart project. There were many risks associated with the availability and condition of equipment for this plant which was 40 years old at the time and the possibility of hidden defects.
    • capital project that was running late and over budget where the owner and EPC disagreed about the best way to finish the project. Our analysis helped determine the most expedient path to the end of the project.

    For more information on Safran Risk  and Emerald's Risk Management Services please explore our website further.

  •  Ian Nicholson - Vice President of Solutions - Emerald Associates

    Ian Nicholson

    Vice President of Solutions

    Emerald Associates

    As our Vice President of Solutions and a Lead Risk and Implementation Specialist, Ian leads Emerald’s functional consulting group. With over 25 years of international experience in varied fields and roles from manufacturing, heavy civil construction, pharmaceutical plant construction, hospital projects and oil and gas capital and turnaround projects, Ian brings a wealth of practical project knowledge to the training table.

    Ian has worked with Primavera Risk Analysis (formerly Pertmaster) on projects for Agrium, Alcan, AltaLink, Bruce Power, Husky Energy, Iogen Energy, Shell Canada, Suncor Energy, and TransCanada Pipelines. His expertise using Primavera Risk Analysis combined with his engaging and effective training style makes this course an unparalleled opportunity to not only learn the software but to learn from someone who is highly regarded in the industry. Referred to by some of his past students as the “Primavera Guru”, Ian’s course evaluations speak for themselves. Ian recently developed Emerald's training material for the Safran Risk software that will get users up and running quickly.