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SAP to Primavera P6 Integration


A major worldwide oil and gas company requested program management software which allowed for cost management, scheduling and office management capabilities. More specifically, they were looking for an SAP interface that provided detailed explanations of “push & pull” capabilities, had reporting capabilities (including graphical, S-curve, and user-defined capabilities) and could provide the management of change notices, RFI notices, technical deviation notices and process deviation notices.


Emerald Associates developed a custom integration tool for this client, providing a one-way transfer of information from SAP to Primavera Expedition, which is a database application that provides an enterprise solution, designed to manage multiple projects. The user simply grabbed the appropriate reports from SAP, saved them in .csv format, and then ran the integration application.


The SAP integration with Expedition allowed for all of the capabilities that the client was looking for to be fulfilled, most importantly the management of multiple projects. Reports were able to be developed to provide program wide, or project specific, information. It also allowed for Trends and Change Management, along with workflow capabilities. This integration is also compatible with Primavera Planner/Scheduler software (P3/P3e), as well as MS projects, allowing for schedules to be viewed, as well as linking documents and issues to schedule activities seamlessly with little effort.

Emerald's Experience

This tool was rolled out at Petro-Canada and at Suncor Energy.