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Oracle Cloud

Emerald Associates holds the Oracle Cloud Standard Designation and Offers a Complete Picture for the Range of Cloud Deployments Available for Primavera P6

  • Enterprise-Grade Services at Every Level of the Cloud Technology Stack
  • Oracle Cloud Technology Combined with Emerald Managed Cloud Services and Our Productivity Add‑ons
  • Transform your Primavera IT and Business Practices

The Oracle Cloud delivers enterprise-grade services at every level of the cloud technology stack including software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and data as a service (DaaS). With our Cloud Standard designation, Emerald Associates has the Primavera experience and technical know-how to provide any cloud deployment necessary from a simple SaaS deployment to a customized IaaS solution that can be managed by Emerald Associates and optimized specifically for your industry or individual organization.

Software-as-a-service is the most well-known cloud offering. Primavera SaaS applications run from a web browser, simplifying and freeing the user of the need to download, install or even maintain the application, middleware, database, operating systems, virtualization, servers or storage. Anything needing to be managed technically for an on-premise deployment is taken care of with Primavera SaaS. On the other hand, this option provides the least amount of flexibility; if any customization is desired, this may not the best option.

Infrastructure-as-a-service offers Primavera users the flexibility to optimize their system along with the convenience and savings of not being responsible for the hardware. As Primavera experts, Emerald Associates thrives on customization in order to provide our clients with the best possible solutions for their project management needs, which is why IaaS is favored in the right circumstance due to its flexibility. For those customers that want flexibility with no fuss, our Managed Cloud Services means you can have as much or as little responsibility over the application, middleware, database, operating systems, virtualization, servers or storage. Please visit Emerald Cloud for more information.