Primavera Analytics

Gain visibility into your Primavera P6 and Unifier projects with Oracle's powerful business intelligence solution

  • Identify issues and uncover trends to reveal valuable insights into project and program performance.
  • Immediately understand exceptions and perform root cause analysis
  • Customize reports and portals to meet your individual business needs
  • Use pre-configured industry samples based on asset-intensive use cases


Users of Primavera P6 and Unifier need an effective way to analyze data so that they can quickly understand a project’s performance and spot trends that may require immediate action to keep projects on track. Comparing the performance of historical data over time may also be required to analyze trends over the course of a project.

Up until now, users have relied on custom reporting solutions and various BI dashboards to display the data they need in the required format. These solutions are usually not flexible and can be problematic when upgrading software or when the custom solution provider is no longer available to deal with issues.


Oracle Primavera Analytics is a powerful business intelligence solution that presents project and portfolio data in a visually interactive way so that the user can filter and drill down to focus on the required data. This allows users to quickly get to the root cause of negative schedule and cost performance.

Primavera Analytics leverages the power of Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) which includes many options for displaying data including mobile support and geospatial visualization.

Primavera Analytics includes Oracle’s Primavera Data Warehouse which uses its ETL (extract, transform, load) process to extract data from P6 and Unifier and transform it into a format that makes it easy to create new analytics in the web interface.

Primavera Analytics also comes with out-of-the-box analytics and dashboards that allow users and developers to quickly become familiar with how to use Analytics.

The Key Benefits of Using Primavera Analytics

  • Provides a single BI solution where performance indicators, trends, statistics, graphs and geospatial maps can be accessed through one portal
  • Uses P6 EPPM and Unifier security to ensure that non-privileged users do not have access to sensitive data
  • Quick response time when running queries due to the aggregation and summarization of data in the Oracle BI Engine
  • Productivity gains by using an enhanced web interface that is easy to learn
  • Dashboards can be viewed on Mobile devices
  • Flexible options for printing and saving dashboards including Word, Excel, PDF, Powerpoint, and HTML


Emerald Associates is at the leading edge for providing the latest Oracle Project Management solutions and has over 20 years of experience in the industry.

At Emerald Associates, we have a fully staffed IT team that is committed to staying on top of the latest technology. Our IT team has already tested and installed the latest version of Primavera Analytics and performed the integration with P6 EPPM and Unifier.