Staff Augmentation


Many companies undertake capital projects only intermittently and therefore cannot carry in-house the depth of project management experience necessary to support a project fully. Although this may be sufficient to support the core functions, additional assistance is required in specialist areas such as procurement strategies, project scheduling, project office structuring, dispute avoidance, document management systems and risk management, among others.


At Emerald we carry the expertise in many project management areas. Our staff can become a very part of your internal team to assist with project execution and turnaround projects. We also carry expertise for schedule reviews and risk analysis work.


Get experienced project controls staff who are ready to get to work immediately. Save training costs and get results more quickly with Emerald's staff agumentation program.

Emerald’s Experience

Emerald regularly takes on project scheduling assignments and risk reviews on a monthly basis. We have worked both on capital projects and turnaround projects across North America.