CAPPS - Capital Project Progressing System for P6

Make Primavera P6 status updates easier and faster to do

  • Project managers can update P6 tasks on their own
  • P6 schedulers can accept or reject updates into P6 quickly
  • P6 forecasting is more accurate - saving time and money
  • update P6 activities, resource assignments, expenses and steps


Keeping your projects, programs and portfolios up-to-date in Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM can be very time consuming with so many project teams and collaborators. Getting regular status updates into P6 schedules can take weeks and are often out of date by the time you get your monthly P6 reporting completed.


CAPPS is a Primavera P6 add-on tool that lets you get updates into P6 EPPM quickly and efficiently and, best of all more regularly. CAPPS gives your project managers and team leaders secure access to updating their P6 activities in an easy to use tabular format without the worry of messing up the P6 schedule.  P6 resource assignments, P6 expenses, P6 steps and change requests can be updated securely via CAPPS for better project progress reporting. P6 schedulers can review and approve updates in CAPPS or inside P6 and reject updates on an as-needed basis, making updating a breeze. Scope deviations can also be flagged and managed via CAPPS. 



  1.  Improved Forecast Accuracy -  P6 forecasting is more frequent and will be more accurate and useful.
  2.  Increased Task Responsibility -  P6 is updated by the people closest to the task - gaining more visibility and transparency into issues as they arise
  3.  Better Collaboration -  P6 schedules become more collaborative when updating is made easier - not just a picture on a wall

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