CAPPS - Capital Project Progressing System

Quickly update P6 Activities, Resource Assignments, Expenses, and Steps

  • Simplify P6 status updating
  • Have non-schedulers update activities outside of P6
  • Automate reporting requests
  • Fully leverage P6 functionality


A common problem for companies running multiple projects is the synchronization of schedule updates. It can be a very difficult task to get contributors to update the status of their activities in an accurate and timely manner.


CAPPS is a secure, role-based updating tool that allows non-schedulers access to P6 activities and resource usage information from outside of P6. Through the automation of reporting requests and the simplification of these communications, CAPPS makes the daunting task of status updating quick, easy and dealt with in the click of a mouse!


CAPPS is ideally suited to knowledge workers who are reporting on intangible tasks. Requests are sent over the Internet or Intranet that only include the active tasks a person is working on. When a request to update is received they are presented with a simple interface to update their progress. Once the information has been entered a quick click of the SEND button and those activities are updated in the P6 schedule. Additionally, failure to respond to a request triggers preset reminders and alarms so the task of updating does not get delayed or forgotten.


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