Primavera Contract Management® (Expedition)

A web based multi-project contract, cost and document management tool

  • New Features in Primavera Contract Management 14.2
  • Reduce response times with ball-in-court- and due date tracking
  • Forecast costs with collaborative change management
  • Streamline contract submittals and deliverables
  • Print forms and reports right from the source documents
  • Host with Emerald and be up and running in 3 days


Today’s projects often include expert team members and materials sourced from all around the world. This global project environment adds a level of complexity to all phases of the project and makes successful project delivery that much more challenging. Also, with corporate project portfolios often including many small to large projects on the go at the same time, project teams have a harder time ensuring consistency, auditability, scalability and quality project delivery.

Planning and designing a project with specialty LEED and green architects, developers, and engineering firms from around the world requires strong document control tools to ensure drawings, specifications and budgetary estimates are up-to-date and the latest revisions are in use by the planning team.

Procuring services, equipment and materials from worldwide specialty manufacturing vendors to local SWMBE certified companies brings its own challenges. Dealing with the pre-qualification of vendors in a consistent and transparent manner, developing and executing fair and competitive bid processes, and evaluating and awarding to the best fit contractor requires scalable, secure collaborative tools.

Executing a project requires team access to real-time project documentation from anywhere ensuring questions are answered in a timely manner, approvals are easy to manage, and potential claims are avoided. Relying on e-mails as the means of project coordination does not work when hundreds of thousands of documents are required to complete projects, from the early drawings and specifications, to contractor submittals and all the paperwork generated during construction.

Cost reporting needs to be full-cycle and real-time to ensure costly overruns are avoided. Developing long range program budgets in a consistent manner can be challenging with projects ranging in size and complexity. Tracking committed costs from master service contracts, construction contracts, field services and purchase orders is a challenge when these documents are often generated from many contract administrators in different offices. It is the same story when it comes to cost accounting, overrun/underrun forecasting and contingency management. Also, as changes in scope arise and the extended team need to participate in the change management process, from contractor quote evaluation to negotiations and change order approvals, excel just does not provide a scalable, collaborative solution.


Oracle Primavera Contract Management (PCM), is the longest standing collaborative contract and document management control system. PCM has a loyal following, stretching back over 30 years from its Primavera Expedition years. It is used around the world on some of the largest multi-year projects to the smallest few day retrofit projects. With its simple user interface, PCM has pre-configured yet flexible modules and continues to make contract management, document management and cost control a truly collaborative and real-time process, meeting the needs of owners, engineers, architects and contractors alike.

Planning and design development with the extended design team is done through drawing logs and sets development. The time saving wizards streamline revision management, attachment controls and receipt management. With the complementary Oracle WebCentre, a document management embedded add-on, your team gets world class document and revision controls as part of the deployment, doing away with managing revisions through insecure shared folders or clumsy ftp sites. Embed Oracle AutoVue to your deployment and collaborative team markup sessions can improve productivity and reduce design time. AutoVue also protects critical intellectual property and allows non-native document viewing from the PCM interface.

Procurement and contract management can be templated for organizations that take on similar project types. It can also be modified to accommodate client specific requirements such as specific change document types, diversity program tracking for SWMBE, veteran owned businesses, or perhaps local or aboriginal content programs. Insurance tracking and submittal management allow the team to ensure all paperwork is in place before granting site access.

Execution controls at the worksite from Requests For Information (RFIs) and Site Instructions (SI) ensure that site work progresses with few disruptions, delays and disputes. Ball-in-court tracking with due dates keep paperwork moving and streamline change management processes. Proposals, trends, change directives and change orders are handled real-time, providing the team with contractor or vendor performance visibility on both original and added scope. Improving timely invoicing and payment management is key to a successful project. Daily safety and incident tracking, progress diaries and completion punch lists improve contract closeouts.

Cost Reporting can be done at the program, project, cost account, vendor or contract level to ensure transparency and timely management of forecasted cost overruns, margin erosion, or poor productivity factors. Integration to accounting tools such as SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle E-Business, Oracle JDE, Infor Sun Systems, Infor Lawson or Jonas can minimize duplicate data entry, while ensuring project teams have the flexibility to manage and approve project costs, while accounting can ensure corporate transparency and processes are followed. With PCM, reports can be used out-of-the-box, configured for your corporate branding, or configured for your program’s specific reporting needs using Oracle BI Publisher, Oracle Analytics or P6-Reporter for real-time graphical project, program and contract metrics.


Oracle Primavera Contract Management provides your project team with a scalable, consistent, repeatable approach to all project paperwork. With an online, real-time collaborative approach to document and cost control, the project team can take a proactive approach to handling questions, issues and avoiding costly delays. PCM significantly reduces the likelihood of issues dragging on and growing into costly claims and disputes.

PCM ensures that teams are working on the same revisions and the right design drawings. Submittals are processed quicker and before deliveries or site work takes place. The drawing and submittals management functionality reduces the likelihood of area holds and rework, which on large projects can be upwards of 5% of project costs.

Finally, the ability to proactively manage changes in scope, from RFI to change order, ensures real-time cost forecasting on a contract and a project. By helping manage contingencies, accruals and productivity PCM can help with the avoidance of overruns and exposure to a liquidated damages situation or steer clear of avoidable acceleration costs.

With the team working towards project deliverables in a collaborative system that improves timely communications, the project team can focus on safely delivering a quality project.

Primavera Contract Management Add-Ons by Emerald Associates
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  • PCM-Unifier Migrator

    Streamline corporate and project info migration from PCM modules to Unifier business processes.

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Emerald’s Experience

Emerald has Implemented Contract Management on several dozens of projects and corporate rollouts across North America. This includes large Oil & Gas companies, construction companies, engineering EPC companies and municipal, provincial and federal government organizations with fiscal year programs to manage.

Primavera Contract Management clients include:

  • Oilsands
    • Nexen - all capital projects and turnaround projects in oilsands
  • EPC
    • Direct Energy - major projects
    • AMEC - Kearl project
  • Manufacturing
    • Tarpon Structures
    • Stevens Industries - Cabinet Maker
  • Government
    • Alberta Infrastucture - all capital projects
    • Capital Health - all capital projects
    • Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District- all capital projects
  • Construction
    • Ledcor Industrial
    • Confidential Biofuels Company
  • Mining
    • Canadian Royalties


Oracle Primavera Contract Management provides tools that are vital to project success - document management, cost management and project controls to keep the project’s schedule and budget in line. There are many different modules that can each be used by one or several groups involved in managing the project.




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