Keep Primavera Contract Management Without the Java Issues

Emerald Productivity Cloud Can Solve Your Java Problems

While Oracle is busy working on removing Java applets from Primavera P6-EPPM, the same cannot be said for Primavera Contract Management (PCM). With the announcement that PCM v14.2 is the last planned major release for PCM, the Java applets will potentially remain an ongoing issue.


Some creative solutions have been worked up over the years with CITRIX and controlled versions of IE, but all were problematic when other tools needed other versions of Java.


Breathing new life into PCM

Since PCM is such a great tool, flexible and very easy to use, many of us are reluctant to move away from it, particularly when you are in the middle of some major projects. But the Java issues are not going to go away with the direction that browsers are taking, getting tougher on Java applets and Chrome already not supporting them.


Need a solution?

If your team needs a solution Emerald can provide one through our standard or productivity Primavera Cloud offerings. We use technology to make the Java nightmare go away. This technology does not require you to get your IT team involved and stuck in the weeds dealing with Java settings that can be a nightmare. All our cloud offerings are in an HTML5 RDP Client compliant approach. For us non-techies, this means that it switches the Java applets into HTML5 or non-applets so that you do not get Java issues.


For these clients, we have been providing an Emerald Productivity Cloud for PCM. It includes our PCM tools, PCM-Loader, PCM-Archiver and PCM-Controllers for line items, materials, and payment certificates merging with change orders.


You can be migrated in less than a week, and no more Java issues. 

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