14 February 2018

P6-Loader v5 Usage Sheets Revolutionize P6 Database Maintenance

Written by Nicole Jardin, P.Eng. - CEO

When you have a large number of users in your P6 database, it is surprising how quickly that database can get “clogged up” with a lot of unwanted data. This happens even when using Sandbox databases, restricting privileges and every other trick you have thought of; long time P6 users know what I am talking about.

10 January 2018

P6-Loader - Easy Moving of Pre-Turnaround Work to the Turnaround Window

Written by Sue Hopkins - Implementation Specialist

On every Turnaround there are Pre-Turnaround activities that do not get done prior to the actual Turnaround and need to be moved into the Turnaround phase of the schedule.

The challenge is how to record actual hours earned in the PRE phase vs the TA phase, since a large number of these activities already have earned hours associated with them. Simply moving the activities would decrease the reporting of hours in PRE and create earned hours in TA for work that was actually done in PRE.

This can be done simply and quickly with P6-Loader.

31 May 2017

Primavera P6 UDFs are a Breeze with the P6-Loader

Written by Nicole Jardin, P.Eng. - CEO

UDFs - Making Sure They are Clean


When working with a client to setup cost controls in P6, we were working with budgets, estimates, work in progress, incurred to dates etc. These required a lot of User-Defined Fields in P6 to make sure we were able to cleanly track all the values we were pulling from the disparate systems from accounting to spreadsheets.

As a contractor, we were planning to track both the costs of the project delivery and the sale to the client. This way we could also report on profit margins and markup.


01 May 2017

Poorly Named Data Elements in Your P6 Global Dictionary Causing Confusion?

Written by Iryna Mykolayenko, PMP - Implementation Specialist

A Project Code Called EPS!

Project codes in the global dictionary are an important part of an organization's enterprise data in P6. Needless to say, keeping this dictionary (as well as other global data dictionaries) clean and well-organized is an essential task for the application administrator, as well as for other admin superusers. Incorrectly named project codes and project code values result in confusion and translates into unproductive time for the users, which ultimately results in losses for the company. 


27 September 2016

The Fastest Way to Create New Users in Primavera P6

Written by Mary Lynn Backstrom, PMP – Implementation Specialist

A step-by-step guide on how to create new users in P6 using the P6-Loader

The P6-Loader helps streamline and accelerate many processes, one of which is creating new P6 users.  The P6-Loader is a flexible and secure solution that allows users with the correct security access on their P6 profile to extract and upload nearly every data element in P6 data.  Let’s have a look at how easy it makes creating new P6 users.


Login to the P6-Loader with your credentials.


P6 new user1


01 April 2016

Named User Vs. Subscription Licensing Models

The New Release of the P6-Loader and Other Emerald Tools Have a New Model

Selecting the proper software licensing model can be a rather cumbersome exercise. It requires IT administrator and project managers etc. to go through many different steps and ask questions such as:


  • Should I use Named User license model?
  • How many users will need access to the software?
  • What if more people will join our team down the road?
  • Can I decrease without penalties /cancellation fee number of licenses?
  • What if a user needs access to the software temporarily and may not need it later? How can I handle the cost of such scenarios efficiently?
  • How much paperwork will I need to fill in and how much time will it take to process an amendment request?
  • What if person is on vacation? Can I reuse a license for another employee?
  • How can I track who/when/how uses the system?
  • As a contractor I want to track usage on a per project basis so I can invoice my clients respectively?

17 March 2016

XER/XML Checksum – Maybe you shouldn’t manipulate that XER!

Written by Ian Nicholson, P.Eng. - VP Solutions

Many advanced Primavera P6 users have been manipulating XER’s for years – in fact there are tools out there specifically for manipulating XER’s. We have always recommended against manipulating XER’s and here is an example of why:

14 March 2016

Detaching and Reassigning Baselines in Primavera P6

Written by Sue Hopkins - Implementation Specialist

The P6-Loader Saves the Day!!!

We are working with a client who is consolidating many separate P6 databases into a production database, turnaround database and an archive database. Along with the thousands of projects being exported from the old databases to the new ones, our client wants the baselines for projects exported, imported and reattached for a large number of the projects. If you have ever had to un-assign and restore baselines and then turn around and attach and reassign them for even a handful of projects, you know how tedious and time consuming it can be. First, the baseline has to be un-assigned, then restored to a project in the original database. Once the baseline has been imported into the new database, the baseline has to be converted back into a baseline and re-attached to the original project.


22 February 2016

Changing out Resource Assignments in P6 Using P6 Native Functionality vs. the P6-Loader

Written by Ian Nicholson, P.Eng. - VP Solutions

We often have clients ask us the most efficient way to change out resource assignments. This often happens when work that is expected to be assigned to one resource gets assigned to another.


For example – I want to change the resources in a particular plant from my own staff and assign it to a contractor. In this simple example, I have decided to give all the trade work in one plant to Jacobs instead of performing with my own labor force. I want to remap the resource assignments as follows:


30 December 2015

How to Input Actuals Into Primavera P6 Efficiently

Written by Nicole Jardin, P.Eng. - CEO

Financial Periods Dictionary and Actual Costs Loading Into Primavera P6 With The P6-Loader v4

When we added the financial period dictionary to the v4 P6-Loader, I thought it was a waste of time and no one would really use it. With P6 having a wizard already to create financial periods, I thought that was good enough. Well, I was wrong.

30 December 2015

Getting a Broken WBS in Your Baseline Project When Migrating from Primavera P6 8.x to 15.x

Written by Ian Nicholson, P.Eng. - VP Solutions

Are you getting broken WBS elements, WBS elements appearing as projects or errors such as "is not a valid integer" when migrating?

Recently, while converting a client from P6 r8.3 to r15.2, we had to move a number of baselines to the new database. We used our P6-Loader to unassign and detach the baselines from the current project and then created XER’s to move them to the new database.


To our surprise, when we imported the baselines as projects into the new 15.2 database, the WBS elements were all messed up. Instead of one project with many WBS elements, our project appeared as many different projects, one per WBS, all with the same Project ID. They also appeared outside the EPS structure and P6 wouldn’t let us move them into the correct EPS node. Every attempt gave us the error that “ is not a valid integer value”.


11 December 2015

Migrating To Primavera Cloud In Less Than 5 Days

Written by Nicole Jardin, P.Eng. - CEO

The Emerald team just completed a client migration to the Oracle Primavera SaaS Cloud. The client had over 1000 small (50-60 activities) projects in their on-premise Primavera P6 PPM v8.3.2. They needed to be able to share the projects for the next 2 years amongst a large collaborative program team with multiple contractors and engineering firms. This program is very high profile and reporting is paramount. 

09 November 2015

Having Trouble Changing Crew Sizes and Rates in Primavera P6?

Written by Iryna Mykolayenko, PMP - Implementation Specialist

How the P6-Loader Makes Life Easy When Working With P6 Resource Assignments and Resource Dictionaries

Working with P6 resource assignments and resource dictionaries can be extremely time-consuming. The task becomes especially tedious when it comes to planning a turnaround project with multiple daily shifts and varying crew sizes on day and night shifts, or a capital project where you have rotating work shifts with crews overlapping on the back shift. 

22 October 2015

Fix Your Primavera P6 Project Settings In Minutes

Written by Paul Jardin - VP of Technology

Adjusting Primavera P6 Settings and Structures with the P6-Loader

We recently had a support call from a client that started having performance issues with their P6 database during the pre-work phase of their turnaround. We looked at the Oracle enterprise database and found a massive amount of archive logs being chewed up. In fact, it was on a scale of 1-2 GB of logs within 2-5 minutes on average. With that kind of volume it would not take long for a server to receive the dreaded Oracle error message ORA-00257: archiver error. When this happens the database usually needs more space on the device where the archive log files are stored, which results in the database not allowing any more transactions until the issue is corrected.

13 October 2015

The Best Way to Import and Export Data from Primavera P6

Written by Iryna Mykolayenko, PMP - Implementation Specialist

A comparison of the Primavera P6 Import and Export Functionality and Emerald's P6-Loader

The P6-Loader is a unique Primavera enhancement tool developed by Emerald for the secure movement of data between Primavera P6 and Microsoft Excel. Many users are aware that P6 already has some built-in functionality, which is why I often hear this question from my students, as well as from my clients: How is the P6-Loader different from the built-in import and export functionality in P6 Client?

There are numerous differences between the two when it comes to choosing the right tool for importing/exporting your P6 data. Here are some of the main points to consider:


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