Primavera Private Cloud

Emerald’s Primavera In-A-Box (Private cloud) with Oracle Engineered Systems

  • An engineered plug and play system for Primavera applications
  • Reduce the time, cost and frustration of software deployment
  • Reduce operational, maintenance and up-keep costs
  • Achieve high-availability for your project management while reducing technical complexity
  • Pay-As-You-Grow license modeling
ODA X5-2


Software deployments are complex ventures that can be taxing on resource strapped IT departments. They require special knowledge and expertise in designing databases, procuring hardware, building networks, configuring and testing phases, and constant maintenance and monitoring once up and running. Quick and smooth deployment along with uninterrupted access to applications is crucial to project success, but many overworked IT departments are finding it difficult to manage.


Emerald’s Primavera in a Box with ODA provides an engineered platform that combines hardware, software, database and network in a single solution. This Oracle approved plug and play software/hardware package is unique to Emerald and can be delivered to a client’s location in days. The solution is engineered to work together as a single unit so it arrives ready to use.


  • Reduce the time needed to implement new Primavera applications
  • Reduce cost associated with designing, building, configuring, testing and deploying Primavera applications
  • Reduce operational, maintenance and monitoring costs
  • Eliminate vendor hardware/software blame-game with a single point of contact for performance and support issues
  • Gain high-availability for applications while reducing complexity
  • Reduce upfront licensing costs with pay as you grow license model

Why Primavera in a Box by Emerald Associates


  • Stability- Risk mitigation
  • Uptime 24x7 and realtime DR capable for P6, Unifier and OPPM
  • Business Standardization
  • Proven solution that meets performance uptime objectives
  • Delivered working out of box
  • Least costly automated High Availability solution
  • Least costly automated Disaster Recovery solution
  • ROI in the 100 to 200% range depending on business impact use cases of past downtimes

Supported Versions

  • v19.x coming soon
  • v18.x
  • v17.x
  • v16.x

Hybrids DR Available with cloud

  • Oracle OCI
  • Emerald Cloud
  • Amazon
  • Azure


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