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    March is P6-Reporter Month

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Know how your projects are progressing with convenient, easy to understand reporting. Whether you prefer Oracle Data Visualization, Power BI or Tableau - Emerald Associates has got you covered.

Project Detail Dashboard

Primavera P6 Project Detail Dashboard, created in Tableau

Pick any project and get an instant understanding of its health and where the issues lie.

P6-QA Reports

P6-QA report, created in Power BI

Analyze your schedule quality with Emerald's P6-QA tool, and then use P6-Reporter to bring the results into your own custom reports.

CPI & SPI Trending

Cost performace index and schedule performance index; your projects history and forecast.

Resource Allocation

Primavera P6 Resource Allocation Chart

See if your resources are within their limits and how much room you have to adjust them.

Milestone Trending

Milestone Trending vs Baseline

Are your milestones falling behind schedule? If so, how long until they're planned to get back on track?

Project Portfolio Dashboard

Your entire portfolio, including all of your projects, in a convient, high-level dashboard.


Our Racetrack Diagram allows users to quickly pull summary level project data into a visual format that is easy to control and consume.

Costs Dashboard

See your over and under budget projects. Group and slice them by team, PM, region, and many more.

Management Dashboard

The key charts that interest you in a single panel. Power BI makes it easy to customize these reports however you like

Portfolio Dates Dashboard

See a complete summary of late and early projects in a single, easy to consume view

Overallocated Resources

Identify which resources are overallocated and how soon they will affect you - in a fraction of the time it takes in P6.

Change Order Tracking by Month

See which of your change orders have been approved, changed, completed and responded to over time.

Profit-Loss vs Time

Learn how your current years profits compare with previous ones.

S-Curve Turnaround

View how many man-hours are planned and how many have been spent on your turnaround.

Relief Valve Summary

Easily track progress of Relief Valves during your next Outage or TA. Monitor summary progress to identify any areas of progress concern or missing updates.

New Rail Feet Planned by Crew

At a glance, view feet of new rail by crew currently planned for your portfolio of projects.

New Rail Ties Planned by Crew

New rail ties planned by crew produces a summary view of upcoming crew assignments. Know at a glance how many new rail ties and the planned crews assigned.

Rail Welds Planned by Crew

Understand instantly work allocation by crew for your portfolio of projects. Rail welds planned by crew allows review at a glance.

Rail Welds Planned

Have the roll up of rail welds planned by month easily tracked, constantly available for your portfolio of projects using this report.

Inspection Summary

Know at a glance whether an inspection is on track or not.

Work Package Entry

Track Work Package entry/planning status

Workdown Curve

See how your activities are progressing across your shutdown: how may are completed, in progress and have been added.

Monthly CO Tracking - Line Chart

See how your change order status is trending over time

Planned Hours by Role

For each role, see how many planned hours you have each month.

CM Contract Summary by Vendor

Take a look at the status of contract changes, grouped by vendor.

Control Valve Summary

View the progress made servicing your equipment. This chart details each step for servicing control values and the percentage of completion.

Actuals vs Swiped

Validate your contractors. See if they are submitting their actual timesheets or scanning them.

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Case Studies

P6 Upgrade, Implementation and EAI Tools

P6 Upgrade, Implementation and EAI Tools
Learn how a client's P6 experience was improved with training, implementation, and EAI tools.

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Large Engineering Firm Moves to EAI Hosting

Large Engineering Firm Moves to EAI Hosting
Learn how a large engineering firm moved to the Emerald Cloud.

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P6-Calculator and P6-Reporter Makes Power BI Reporting a Breeze

P6-Calculator and P6-Reporter Makes Power BI Reporting a Breeze
Major North Eastern utility company uses P6-Reporter and P6-Calculator to improve their reporting.

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Integrated Daily Cost Control - Discoverer -> P6, PCM

Integrated Daily Cost Control - Discoverer -> P6, PCM
Integration allows PMs to manage 20 projects at once

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Large US Refinery Implements Emerald Tools

Large US Refinery Implements Emerald Tools
Learn how this refinery used P6-Loader and TAPS to improve accuracy and speed when working with data in their P6 schedules and how they used EP-datawarehouse and custom dashboards to help with cost control and management visibility for their turnarounds.

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See Case Studies for all tools...
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Blog: P6-Reporter Self-Serve Dashboards for Turnarounds

Blog: P6-Reporter Self-Serve Dashboards for Turnarounds

Learn how P6-Reporter dashboards can help in Turnarounds in this blog article

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P6-Reporter v3 - New Release

P6-Reporter v3 - New Release

More charts. More insight. Understand your projects in ready to use, customizable reports in Power BI, Tableau or ODV.

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