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CPI & SPI Trending

Cost performance index (CPI) is a key performance indicator that measures how well your project is performing against it's budget. Schedule performance index (SPI) measures how well your project is performing against the planned schedule. For both, a value above one indicates a performace that is better than planned: under budget (CPI) or ahead of schedule (SPI), a value of one indicates the targets are being met, and a value below one indicates a poorer than planned performance.

While CPI and SPI values are available right in P6, our P6-Reporter tool will allow you to 'snapshot' their values on a regular basis, allowing you to produce visuals like these where you can see how these values change over the course of your project and to get an idea of which direction they are headed in. The data captured by P6-Reporter is stored in well organized tables that are ready to feed into Tableau, Power BI, ODV or any other reporting tool.

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