Oracle Primavera Cloud
(formerly Oracle Prime)

Project Management has Never Been Easier

  • A single platform to manage all of your projects - no matter how complicated
  • Plan your projects to the fullest with cloud-based risk management
  • Real-time visibility into project costs, schedules, and risk and performance information
  • In-built social collaboration features ensure seamless communication so that no one is left out of the loop
  • Integrate scope, cost, and schedule solutions under a single platform


Managing projects can be a difficult, time-consuming process that, without the proper coordination, can result in confusion and misunderstandings that could become dangerous to the project at hand. Collaboration can be frustrating and disorganized without the proper tools to keep everyone informed, and when projects are spread across multiple platforms, it just tends to make matters worse. Not to mention, the uncertainty regarding the right way to proceed with a project in order to get the best results can just be crippling. Lack of control, improper communication, uncertainty - they can all be extremely harmful to the success of a project.


Oracle Prime is a collaborative, cloud-based tool that allows users to manage and operate all of their projects on a single platform. Prime is all about control - with improved collaboration, autonomy, risk-management, and more, this is the software that gives users full authority over everything that goes on behind the scenes. With cloud-based risk management, users can evaluate qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, risk registers, and Monte Carlo simulation capabilities - creating a reliable project projection that leaves nothing to chance.

Oracle Prime also boasts a simple, accessible interface and straightforward deployment that saves time and money while reducing the risk of change resistance. With everything stored on a single platform, it has never been easier to access, edit, and finalize projects all in one place. Cost management, schedule management, resource management, and scope management can all be done in Oracle Prime, using innovative new tools to make operations run that much smoother.

Oracle Prime can also be accessed via a mobile device. The app allows users to access all of their information at the touch of a button - both online and offline!


Oracle Prime is a cost-saving, time-saving system that allows the creation of projects that are not only more reliable, but more efficient as well. The powerful dashboard feature is flexible and easy to use, providing instant access to critical information. With the mobile app, data can be accessed from anywhere around the world, making projects more accessible and ready for quick review at any time. Some further benefits include:

  • Innovative user interface and personalized experience
  • Purpose built mobile application leveraging device capabilities
  • Offline capability to access data on the go
  • Built-in configurable forms and workflow processes
  • Single platform to deliver scope, schedule, and cost
  • 4-6% costs saved
  • 50-60% job site productivity improvement
  • 1.6 trillion opportunity to close the productivity gap across the industry


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