Oracle Primavera Training Reviews

With over 24 years of experience implementing, integrating and training on all things Primavera, it would be hard to find the caliber of expertise Emerald Associates brings to the training table. Emerald Associates is not the only provider of Oracle Certified Primavera training, but we do set ourselves apart from the competition in many ways. Instead of telling you ourselves, we thought it best to let our trainees share what they felt about us.

"Speaking on behalf of my team, Safran is really an exceptional product - it is a very powerful and useful tool for us. As for Ian [Nicholson], he is the best trainer, if not among the best, that we've had. He really is a knowledgeable planner, risk analyst and Safran operator." Derick Duron, Group Manager - Risk Management Department

"The advantage I felt from taking the Primavera course at Emerald Associates is that the instructors giving the course had thorough knowledge of the new version of Primavera P6 and also were open to questions that were raised by trainees from different disciplines. The instructors also related to each one of the trainees in a personal way in such a manner that gave us a better tailored Primavera learning experience."


"I recommend the Primavera P6 course to anyone who wants to start a career in project planning and scheduling. It can be applied to the scheduling of activities for any discipline . I have used it right away after taking the Primavera P6 course in order to consolidate what I learned by preparing a timeline for a research proposal that I submitted to my research committee. I look forward to using the Primavera software in my coming job."


"The Primavera P6 Professional Fundamentals course I took at Emerald Associates in March 2013 has been very useful to me. I initially had some background on some fundamental concepts using an older version P3 but the P6 course I took at Emerald Associates has introduced me to a better methodology on how to approach the project scheduling task in a systematic way. The course has also updated me on the latest release and new interface and commands."


"The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She had a very useful library of experience - related examples which I believe is the foundation to any successful training course."

"The instructor was fabulous! Her knowledge above and beyond the training was great, very kind, patient and kept the class entertained!"

PMI Certified, Oracle University