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Emerald's Contract Management Utilities

Emerald is dedicated to providing clients with innovative and integrated best-of-breed project management solutions. One example of this is the Contract Management Utilities that Emerald has developed for our clients. The focus is streamlining data entry and making life easier for end users.

Multi-Currency P.O.'s and Contracts

Clients often require the ability to manage individual Contracts and Purchase Orders in a currency other than the project reporting currency. Emerald has built multi-currency functionality throughout all the money modules in Contract Management. This allows our clients to streamline the work required to record these contracts and manage them throughout their life cycle, since the utility also works on Change Management, Invoices and Payment Requisitions.

Data entry is done in the source currency, making it very simple for the end user. The conversion rate is put into the document and an adjustment back to the project currency is recorded to the cost worksheet.

Vendor Re-map

A typical challenge when using Contract Management in a multi-project environment is keeping the vendor list clean and free from duplication. This clean-up can be a daunting task, seeing as all the documents a vendor was used on need to be re-done if the vendor is moved. Emerald has built a clean-up tool that allows the users to remap duplicates without having to re-do all the documents that the vendor was used on. This tool is run as an Emerald service to our clients to assist them with their clean-up.

Custom Field Movers

In an ongoing effort to streamline data entry, Emerald has a built numerous custom field copying tools to automatically populate custom fields.

Change Order Line Items in Requisitions

When a Change Order is approved and pulled into the Payment Requisition module, the out-of-the-box functionality in Contract Management is to roll all the lines up into one single line item. This functionality does not allow for progressing and invoicing against each Change Order line item individually.

Emerald identified the potential to develop a line item utility which keeps all the Change Order line item information separate on the Payment Requisition. This innovative and integrated solution allows for each Change Order line item to be progressed and invoiced against on its own.

Each of these utilities are available for resale.