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Reduce costly data entry into Oracle Primavera Contract Management by using flexible and secure template driven Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

  • Minimize data entry and data errors
  • Configure Excel templates for import and export
  • Improve vendor collaboration on changes and payments
  • Load budgets, AFEs, contracts, trends and payments



Oracle Primavera Contract Management® (PCM) is the tool of choice for collaborative contract, cost, and document management. It is used by teams managing long-range capital programs with many projects as well as global project teams with large complex projects to deliver. Ensuring that the information in PCM is accurate and up to date is essential to successful project management and some common challenges are:

  • Migrating data part way through a project
  • Integrating with other software tools, such as Ares Prism on a regular basis
  • Ensuring timely and accurate data entry of complex documents such as budgets, AFEs, commitment contracts and payments
  • Managing drawing and submittal information
  • Providing a fast and simple data entry mechanism for casual or disconnected users


Emerald’s PCM-Loader is the solution to the problem. It can create or update Oracle Primavera Contract Management documents from easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet template files. Features of this Emerald tool include:

  • Web-based
  • User-friendly and easy to learn and use
  • Configurable with easy to use Excel templates
  • Respects PCM security model

Loads and extracts from:

  • Cost Worksheets
  • Budgets
  • AFEs
  • Trends
  • Procurements
  • Commitments
  • Custom Funding
  • Change Proposals
  • Change Orders
  • Payment Certificates
  • Drawings
  • Submittals
  • Issues
  • Requests For Information
  • Non-Compliance Notices
  • Notices


Emerald’s PCM-Loader gives your team a quick and easy way to get and keep PCM up to date with real-time project budget, AFE, commitment and forecasting information. This gives managers valuable insight into project status for the best decision-making possible.

  • Reduce costly data entry
  • Rework budgeting scenarios quickly
  • Reduce training costs
  • Improve collaboration and transparency
  • Minimize project delays
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Case Studies

Loading Fiscal Year Budgets Made Easy

Loading Fiscal Year Budgets Made Easy
Fiscal year budgeting is easy with PCM-Loader. Build or rework in Excel and load it up.

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Emerald's Experience & Past Clients

Emerald’s PCM-Loader is being used by clients from a range of industries.

Canada wide energy efficiency contractor to load:
  • Project Estimates
  • Project Budgets
  • Bid and Procurement Estimates
  • Progress payments
  • Submittals
  • Project manager trends and forecasting
Several Oil Sands Companies on their Capital Programs and Turnaround Projects to load:
  • Budgets
  • Commitment Contracts and Purchase Orders
  • Progress Payments
  • Change Estimates
  • Forecasting Trends
  • Drawings
  • CWP and Equipment Module Lists
  • Cost Coding Structures
Other sample clients include:
  • Multi-discipline worldwide engineering company
  • Modular building full service contractor
  • Municipal District School Board

Many clients who understand the value of this solution frequently take advantage of our P6-Loader as well for efficient updating and data manipulation in their Primavera P6 environments.

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