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The EAI P6-Cloud API

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Simplify and accelerate your Oracle P6 integration with Emerald's exclusive technology.

  • API type transparency - Works with both the WS and API
  • Faster performance; particularly for large datasets
  • Increased quality of integration
  • Reduced costs to build and maintain



Accessing P6 data via the existing Oracle P6 API or Web Services can be a daunting task during an integration project. With hundreds of tables to work with, it can be complex and time consuming for an organization to take on the effort of learning how the API works and how to integrate it with the other corporate tools. This can also be an expensive approach to building the integration. Another consideration for a P6 integration is the volume of data that P6 will need to be sending into other tools every time the team re-schedules the projects; large volumes of data will be interacting from P6 with other systems. Investing in out-of-the-box middleware tools may seem like a good strategy, however the vanilla nature of these tools often fall short on ease of use and also on performance. Developing integrations from scratch is also an option but even more costly and very time consuming to build and full of potential issues since not all data P6 shows to the users is actually stored in the database.


During a P6 integration project, Emerald recommends purchasing the subscription to the EAI P6 Cloud API to ensure the fastest development during the project and the quickest processing speed for the integration transactions after rollout. Emerald used our 28 plus years of integrating Primavera tools to develop the EAI P6 Cloud API making integrating data into and out of P6 much easier and cheaper. The EAI P6 Cloud API has sophisticated built in technology that manages data from hundreds of P6 tables and from all your projects. The EAI P6 Cloud API processes streamline the integration efforts tables into pre-existing data bundles based on usual business processes required for integration. These bundles make integrating more efficient and removes all unnecessary processing making the integration more performant. This is particularly valuable when sending real time date, tasks, and resource updates into other systems. All complex data, including the resource and cost spreads and earned value information, are available in the EAI P6 Cloud API.

The EAI P6 Cloud API has the basic plumbing code that streamlines the integration effort, saving significant consulting costs for the project. Our sophisticated querying processes also take into account the way integration data is typically bundled, making the performance much faster than vanilla integration middleware tools and the basic Oracle API approach.

The EAI P6 Cloud API is also being maintained with new releases and versions of P6 with ongoing improvements as new features are being added to P6.

Using Only Oracle's APIEnhanced with the EAI Cloud API
Development is more cumbersome and slower. Development is easier and faster.
All data structures are tabular. Different data structures fit for particular purposes, such as simplified handling for hierarchies, codes, and UDFs.
The code to make it both performant and correct has to go in your application. Much of the code to make it both performant and correct has already been developed and is part of the cloud API.
Changing from WS to API or vice versa requires a full rewrite. Changing from WS to API or vice versa requires only rebuilding with different parameters, which can be completed in hours.
You pay us per hour to write all code in your application. You pay us a fixed fee for a lot of high quality, battle-tested code that will accelerate your application's development and make it more performant.

Emerald has used the EAI P6 Cloud API to integrate P6 with well dozens of tools including; Oracle Financials, Oracle Fusion, Oracle JD Edwards, SAP on premise and SAP Hana Cloud, Maximo, Aveva, Hexagon Smart Completions, QByte, WellView, SiteView, RigView, PVR , PIMS, QuickBooks, Discover, ZOHO and many other tools

Emerald also uses the EAI P6 Cloud API in all our products, including: P6-Loader, P6-Scrubber, P6-Calculator, TAPS, CAPPS, P6-Auditor, P6-Reporter and more.

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Case Studies

SAP Hana Cloud to P6 Integration

SAP Hana Cloud to P6 Integration
Integration enables the management of work orders, tasks, relationships, resources, and resource assignments; providing synchronized scheduling and resource updates.

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Maximo to P6 Integration

Maximo to P6 Integration
Integrating capital projects and maintenance work orders from Maximo to P6 allows detailed planning and resource management within P6.

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Oracle Fusion Cloud to P6 Integration

Oracle Fusion Cloud to P6 Integration
Efficient project management and budget updates made possible through synchronization of project data, estimates, tasks, resources, expenses, and forecasting.

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