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Project people work in a task oriented world that is geared towards forward planning, while constantly being modified by actual performance and forward forecasting. Financial people work in a world that is geared to cost centres, controls and audit trails. Both groups can benefit from working on a common database achieving real-time synchronization.

This can be achieved, while respecting the very different requirements, by using such techniques as integration, filtered replication and appropriate communication technologies for dispersed locations.

Within the project environment, processes need to be coordinated through project centric software systems. This software must integrate a variety of functions including project accounting, documenting, and scheduling in order to minimise the number of applications while respecting the ‘best of breed’ principle.

A well balanced ‘project centric’ environment enables staff to focus on their own area of responsibility and get real-time information from other groups within the company or project.

Without such an integrated system, reporting is managed by multiple players with varying objectives and numerous tools. Data rarely gets to the appropriate groups in a timely manner and when it does the cut-off dates vary so widely that it can give a totally false picture. Decisions are then made with less than adequate, if not downright misleading, information.


Emerald can assist your project team or organization with setting up centralised IT systems that work in a variety of configurations or geographical locations. We have secure hardware and software solutions that allow project schedules to be updated online, documentation to be shared and streamlined and progress payments to be processed rapidly.


Get your project team in a position to take advantage of common data, reduce rekeying and data entry mistakes and work with realtime data. Make schedule information part of everyday life in easy to use web enabled project tools that allow true collaboration by team members. Save time, reduce delays and minimize project issues with tools designed to keep the team focused on their project objectives.

Emerald’s Experience

Emerald has assisted companies implement project management solutions in the Oil&Gas industry, engineering and construction, government, manufacturing and transportation. This includes rolling out enterprise wide project scheduling processes, contract management processes for remote teams and risk management processes for multi-billion dollar projects.