Project management at your fingertips with cloud based software that puts you in control

  • A cloud-based management system that allows thousands of participants to collaborate on projects at any time, from anywhere in the world
  • Instant insights from out of the box reporting
  • Aconex's no-delete framework means that there is an audit-trail for every step of the project, allowing easy review and appraisal at any point in time
  • A safe and secure platform that can hold millions of documents, 3-D models, processes, and records


Most projects involve a great deal of collaboration, communication, and compromise between dozens of people, every one of whom has a way to contribute to, or improve upon the project in order to keep all aspects running smoothly. It can be extremely challenging to organize people in an effective, practical manner without the proper tools in order to keep everyone operating at the same level. With so many people simultaneously working on the same project, it is vital that every member is kept up to date and communicating efficiently, or the entire project is vulnerable to errors and complications that could have otherwise been avoided.


Aconex eliminates these major problems, allowing you to turn your full focus onto the project at hand. With instant notifications, project-wide access to models, documents, and records, and cross-discipline collaboration on a single platform, Aconex enables smooth, polished communication between participants at all times. Not only does this make the process more efficient and accessible for users, but it significantly decreases the risk of any mistakes or miscalculations that are typically caused by errors in communication. Files can be easily sent back and forth between participants, improving teamwork and enabling the rapid exchange of ideas.

With drag-and-drop workflow, Aconex gives you full control over every step of the project, and with its comprehensive audit-trail, you will have access to a full, in-depth walk-through of your progress, allowing for easy appraisal and review at any point in time. This is especially useful for reports, and can act as a great reference point for future projects.

With Aconex, it has never been easier to manage your funds and contracts. With instant file transfers and contracts that can easily be created or edited at a moments notice, Aconex lets you save time and energy without sacrificing your quality of work. With our cutting-edge project controls, you can manage your contracts, changes, and payment applications in a collaborative environment. Whether you want to import contract details from an outside source, or view a detailed breakdown of existing contracts, you can do it all with Aconex. Payment applications, including all required info, can be sent in seconds, no spreadsheets required. On the move? No problem - Aconex's mobile app lets you create and submit progress claims on any mobile or tablet device.


  • Aconex has been shown to reduce contractor submittal turnaround times by nearly 50%
  • Document search and retrieval is up to three times faster
  • Significantly reduces RFI cycles
  • Significantly reduced potential for error
  • Considerable cutback in expenses
  • Reduced average response times
  • Reduced time spent looking for files


Below is a list of clients who have incorporated Aconex into their business model:

  • Burns & McDonnell
  • Parsons
  • M25 Motorway
  • Balfour Beatty
  • FourSQ
  • BAM International
  • Louis Berger
  • Metro de Santiago

Here is what customers have to say:

“Without the system, we would be wrestling with a mountain of files and spreadsheets, opening up a huge potential for error.”
Chris Richardson, Commercial Manager of M25 Motorway
“Aconex helps us keep everyone accountable and focused on their priorities.”
- Jennifer Tober, Document Control Manager of Parsons Denver International Airport