Needs Assessment


As corporations move away from silo based project management towards Enterprise Project Management (EPM), project delivery strategies need to be adapted to maximize the benefits of this transition. New ways of doing business require the best use of current technology and tools, the implementation of streamlined processes and the training of skilled staff to successfully sustain the corporate change. Undertaking a thorough corporate review of project delivery methods can be a daunting task for your internal team. The temptation to dive in, bypass this critical step, and purchase software systems without a clear understanding of real needs, goals and return on investment can leave you with even bigger challenges.


Having an experienced professional team lead the Needs Assessment process brings objectivity, innovation, and needed expertise to the process, thus maximizing the benefit of the program. With expertise gained from working with numerous organizations in various stages of project management growth, Emerald has developed a three part Needs Assessment Program (Customer Questionnaire & Interviews, Requirements Definition & Solution Recommendation, and Presentation Of Findings) which focuses on identifying the highest priority and most valuable changes the corporation can make to achieve their strategic project delivery goals.


Emerald’s Needs Assessment Program provides your organization with an Enterprise Project Management transition road map tailored to your organizations specific challenges and priorities. The roadmap will allow you to fully leverage your software investment and meet the corporate goals in a timeline that is sensitive to ongoing operations. Once Emerald completes the Needs Assessment, your organization will be equipped with the information necessary to determine the next steps in moving forward with an EPM solution that maximizes the corporate benefits while minimizing the risk.

Emerald’s Experience

Emerald has implemented its Needs Assessment Program for several large national companies across Canada, assisting them across every step of the way through the process, making the transition to a fully operational EPM solution that much smoother.

For more information, please review the Needs Assessment Brochure.