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Indus PassPort to Primavera P6 Integration


Indus is a software service which provides banking and financial solutions; however, when using Indus, there were some complaints which arose with certain issues, the most severe being that around resource productivity. More specifically, the most common complaint was that of problems arising when managing specialty resources and resulted in the execution of unplanned work, sometimes causing duplications of the same work in the system.


Emerald Associates put together an integration which we called the Primavera Indus Passport. It allows work orders, tasks, and crews from Indus to be integrated directly with the Primavera P6 planning and scheduling software system. This integration also involved incorporating the master data from Indus into Primavera P6. The crew availability was also integrated through the HR module, and we provided an implementation of role based training. All of these steps allowed resource productivity to be increased, allowed for easier management of specialty resources, and most importantly, assured that there was no duplication of work due to the integration.


By providing the Primavera Indus Passport, there was increased overall safety and security with the Primavera P6 Indus integration. Much more accurate resource pool planning also resulted by integrating Indus into Primavera P6. The integration also resulted in the reduction of start and stop jobs due to lack of materials or resources, and an overall reduction in resource capacity, which correlated with increased productivity.

Emerald’s Experience

Primavera Indus Passport was successfully installed at Ontario Hydro.