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A Powerful Reporting Database for Advanced Primavera P6 Reporting

  • EP-datawarehouse v8 - Find out What's New
  • Flexible Primavera P6 reporting capabilities when combined with our P6-Reporter
  • Compare real-time and historic data to better understand project performance
  • Simplify data storage to allow for faster analysis
  • Save time by combining data from Primavera P6 and other applications to make custom reports



Getting data out of P6 in a user friendly manner for external reporting to management stakeholders can be very complicated. With hundreds of tables for activities, resources, expenses, baselines and code values, it is very time consuming to figure out how to extract and report on the data you want.

The other struggle is to capture data from P6 in a controlled manner with sign off from the schedulers at the right points. Some P6 teams copy and paste all the reporting projects to ensure a controlled reporting area. This can be time consuming and error prone and can be difficult to manage within P6.

Others just write queries to the P6 projects directly and wonder why their reports are changing all the time or not producing the same results as P6, particularly for the time based or spread data that is calculated on the fly in P6.


Since 2005, Emerald has produced EP-datawarehouse to help with gathering P6 data in a simpler, denormalized way for easier reporting. The tool takes many tables and puts them together into more usable structures or snapshots. Snapshots can be taken manually or preset to run on a given frequency for reporting into other tools. Snapshot data elements can also be controlled depending on the project or portfolio requirements. These are set in P6 directly for ease of use and can include project data, baseline data, current activities, resources, logic, calendars, resource assignments and expenses spread data and all coding structures. EP-datawarehouse also gets you access to data that the P6 datawarehouse does not expose like year over year spreads for resource assignment comparison reporting and long-range planning.

P6-Reporter (formerly EP-dashboard) works with EP-datawarehouse and was built to provide existing and simple to use queries that can be modified quickly to produce charts and dashboards into other corporate reporting tools like Tableau, Power BI, Oracle Data Visualization, Business Objects and many others.


EP-datawarehouse saves a lot of time and effort in gathering P6 data into easier to use, secure data that is more manageable and faster to report on. EP-datawarehouse ensures reporting out of P6 is correct and consistent.

  • Report development - 75-100% faster than starting from P6 tables direct from the database
  • Report consistency - more reliable with pre-built queries
  • No more copying/pasting - remove all copying and pasting of reporting projects - saving hours of work each month
  • Errors - remove errors from manual efforts
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Case Studies

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Large US Refinery Implements Emerald Tools
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Emerald's Experience

Emerald has experience implementing our EP-datawarehouse solution in the Oil & Gas, Engineering & Construction and Utilities industries. EP-datawarehouse provides our clients with superior analytical abilities, far beyond what is available in Primavera P6. With increased control over project or company data, our clients are ultimately better informed about the past, present and future.

Clients are also enthusiastic about increased data security. Deletion of data by mistake can happen and cause significant consequences. With P6-Reporter and Emerald's automatic updating tools, such as the P6-Loader, we have solved this issue quickly and easily.

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