EP-datawarehouse Reporting Database

A Powerful Reporting Database for Advanced Primavera P6 Reporting

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  • Flexible Primavera P6 reporting capabilities when combined with our EP-dashboard reporting tool
  • Compare real-time and historic data to better understand project performance
  • Simplify data storage to allow for faster analysis
  • Save time by combining data from Primavera P6 and other applications to make custom reports


Primavera P6 is full of useful information that would be valuable for operational and enterprise reporting. However, there are some aspects of how the information is represented that make it challenging to effectively consume it in useful reports and charts.

  • Not all of the information in P6 is available to reporting and charting software.
  • Some P6 information is available to reporting and charting software, but in a form that is hard to use.
  • The data in P6 is live and constantly changing, which is not suitable for some kinds of reporting such as management reporting.
  • It’s not possible to view a report or chart as it looked at some point in the past.
  • It is frequently desirable to create reports that show how the P6 information changes over time, but this is not possible when reporting directly against P6.


EP-datawarehouse is a standalone reporting database that tackles these concerns in three ways: snapshotting, denormalization, and spread generation.


Snapshots are copies of the information in P6 that are stored and managed external to the P6 database. Since they are external, they are also stable, and independent of changes made in P6 after the snapshots are taken. That makes snapshot data suitable for generating management reports.

The snapshots are tagged with period information, and snapshots for an arbitrary number of periods can be maintained inside EP-datawarehouse. This allows users to go back in time and regenerate reports or charts for previous periods. It also allows accurate reporting on virtually any value in P6 that changes over time with full fidelity.

Snapshots can be backdated and users have full control over when they are created. This enables an update cycle for reporting, similar to what is achieved with data dates in P6 itself.

Snapshots can be generated for baselines as well as for projects. Baseline snapshots contain all of the same information as project snapshots. This gives full flexibility in reporting on baseline data, and allows accurate reporting of some baseline information that is reported incorrectly in P6.

  • Get full control over the generation of consistent reporting data from P6 after all relevant updates are in.
  • Work in P6 without disturbing data previously approved for reporting.
  • Accurately report on how virtually any value in P6 changed over time.
  • Full control over reporting of baseline information, including how baseline information relates to project information as well as selection of any arbitrary baseline for reporting.
  • View reports and charts as they appeared in any previous period.


In the P6 database, code and UDF information is represented in a highly normalized format that is very difficult to consume in charts and reports. The information in EP-datawarehouse snapshots is denormalized, making it much easier to consume and enabling quicker, less error-prone development of charts and reports.

  • Accelerate chart and report development.
  • Reduce errors when developing charts and reports.

Spread Generation

Spread data is generated and saved into the EP-datawarehouse snapshots, enabling reports and charts to be developed that not only show what actually happened, but also show how the plan in P6 evolves over time.

  • Compare what was achieved in a period to any previous plan for that same period.
  • Compare any two plans for a period.
  • Measure changes in schedule adherence over time, or compare schedule adherence against a fixed standard.

For more information please review:

EP-datawarehouse for Enterprise Reporting Brochure v8 (PDF)

Emerald's Experience

Emerald has experience implementing our EP-datawarehouse solution in the Oil & Gas, Engineering & Construction and Utilities industries. EP-datawarehouse provides our clients with superior analytical abilities, far beyond what is available in Primavera P6. With increased control over project or company data, our clients are ultimately better informed about the past, present and future.

Clients are also enthusiastic about increased data security. Deletion of data by mistake can happen and cause significant consequences. With EP-dashboards and Emerald's automatic updating tools, such as the P6-Loader, we have solved this issue quickly and easily.

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