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Primavera P3®


Large projects need strong planning and scheduling to ensure completion on time.


Since 1983, Primavera P3® has been a world class leader in project management and scheduling. It has been the market leader for 25 years. Many large projects around the world have taken advantage of Primavera P3® for their schedulung needs.


Primavera P3® has brought project success due to its capability to work with large numbers of activities. Turnarounds, Maintenance projects and Capital projects have all seen better success with Primavera P3®. Clients around the globe have been able to predict resource requirements much more effectively with Primavera P3®.

Emerald’s Experience

Emerald has rolled out and implemented Primavera P3® in multiple companies and industries throughout the years. Nuclear, Oil&Gas, Chemical plants, and rail maintenance projects have all taken advantage of Primavera P3®'s power.

However, as new technologies and more powerful computers have entered the market, there has been a switch to the newest version, Primavera P6®. We have also assisted many clients to migrate from P3 to P6. Please contact us to migrate to Primavera P6®.