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At Emerald Associates, our toolkit is what sets us apart and makes us second to none for project management solutions. We have built multiple productivity tools to optimize the Oracle Primavera Suite.

Some of our most popular tools include:
  • P6-Loader - Automate Primavera P6 data loading and updating from Excel
  • P6-Reporter - Simplify data snapshotting and self-serve reporting
  • P6-Scrubber - Import XERs and XMLs into Primavera P6 with ease
  • P6-QA Tool - Automated quality control for your Primavera P6 schedule and processes
  • P6-Calculator - Automated Primavera P6 calculations that go well beyond out-of-the-box functionality to give you what you need
  • TAPS (Turnaround Progressing System) - Update Primavera P6 with a barcode scanner or mobile device
  • CAPPS (Capital Project Progressing System for P6) - Make Primavera P6 status updates easier and faster for the whole team
  • P6-Auditor - Display information from Primavera P6 audit tables in a user-friendly format
  • Unifier-Archiver - Extract and archive important documents and attachments from Primavera Unifier
  • PCM-Loader - Import data into Primavera Contract Management with flexible and secure, template-driven Excel spreadsheets
  • PCM-Archiver - Extract and archive important documents and attachments from Primavera Contract Management
  • PCM-Unifier Migrator - Automatically transfer live and historical data from Primavera Contract Management to Primavera Unifier with ease
Watch our custom tools in action in these webinar recordings and mini clips.