Automate Primavera P6 data loading and updating. Import and export data back and forth between Primavera P6 and Microsoft Excel with ease.

  • P6-Loader cloud enabled and Oracle Cloud Marketplace approved
  • P6-Loader Blog - Tips, tricks and use cases on how we've automated P6 data entry
  • Easily update Primavera P6 with data that exists in other locations
  • Give contractors ready-to-load Excel templates to fill in
  • Import and export global and project data with hierarchy and logic between Microsoft Excel and Primavera P6

Latest Version - Highlights

  • Welcome to P6-Loader
  • P6-Loader Control Page
  • Extraction
  • P6-Loader Activity Sheet
  • Copy Layouts, Filters, Reports and Global Changes
  • Global Calendar Usage Sheet
  • Simplify all Primavera P6 data loading and updating using the ease of Microsoft Excel.
  • From the main screen, everything P6-Loader can do is at your fingertips, including the ability to remove POBS and RISK TYPES from an XER before you import it and convert an XER or XML to a P6-Loader friendly file.
  • Extract multiple pieces from as many or as few modules as you want. User, Global, Project and Activity data can be selected, as well as one or many Projects. Multiple utilities are provided to analyze where data is used, combine duplicate Activity Codes and demote Activity Codes and Calendars.
  • Give your team the ease of working with P6 data in a familiar tool, Microsoft Excel. This activity sheet includes all the data you need to create, edit and update activities.
  • Copy layouts, filters, reports and global changes from one database to another without “breaking” them. Exporting and importing from one database to another tends to render the layout in the destination unusable. This is due to P6 using the unique table identifier in each database, rather than the actual data name.
  • Keep your databases tidy with usage sheets that identify what project is using what piece of global data. In this example, projects that are using each calendar are easily identified. A Usage Sheet can be run for UDF’s, Activity Codes, Calendars, Resources and Roles.
  • Welcome to P6-Loader
  • P6-Loader Control Page
  • Extraction
  • P6-Loader Activity Sheet
  • Copy Layouts, Filters, Reports and Global Changes
  • Global Calendar Usage Sheet


Oracle Primavera P6® is a state of the art Enterprise Project Portfolio Management System designed to allow worldwide project teams to collaborate for the best project results. Giving your team access to load all of the necessary data into the system may not always be possible, and even when it is, the data entry process can be frustrating and time-consuming.


The Emerald P6-Loader is a flexible and secure solution that automates Primavera P6 data extraction, loading and updating. The P6-Loader gives project users and administrators the ability to import and export nearly every data element available in P6, allowing for the movement of data back and forth between Primavera P6 and Microsoft Excel in a controlled manner.

The P6-Loader can create and update data in the Primavera database and allow users to manipulate data at both the project level and global level. With the P6-Loader, you can literally create an entire database in minutes. As a result, the P6-Loader goes above and beyond Primavera P6’s built-in Excel import & export functionality. The functionality in P6 is limited to the manipulation of 5 data elements and restricted to project level data that can only be moved one project at a time.


Emerald’s P6-Loader, developed by our team of Primavera specialists, can significantly accelerate Primavera P6 implementations, monthly statusing from multiple Primavera P6 systems, clean-up efforts and project updates. The user-friendly nature of the P6-Loader solution means that it can be used by any user without requiring database administrator knowledge or security privileges.

The P6-Loader Subscription Model

Since the introduction of version 4 of the P6-Loader, the licensing has changed. The new subscription-based model provides our clients with more flexibility, allowing them to take advantage of the P6-Loader for projects of any size or duration. The following packages give an idea of which subscription option is best suited for your company needs.

Please note that user and activity amounts listed are meant as guidelines except for the Stand Alone package.

For more information and pricing please contact us or complete an RFI form on the left of your screen.

*A record is defined as a single row of data generated in Microsoft Excel.  Every row generated by an extraction is counted, and every row in a file that is uploaded into Primavera P6 is also counted as a record.

 Stand AloneStandardProfessionalCorporate
Admin x
Global Data Partial Partial
Projects/Activities x Partial
P6 Users 1 computer 10 100 100+
P6 Projects 5 50 250 250+
Activities 10,000 50,000 250,000 250,000+
Subscription Term 12 24 24 24

P6-Loader Software as a Service

For those interested in the P6-Loader but only need it for a specific task, or would like Emerald to help perform that task, please consider our Software as a Service packages that can cater to these short term needs.

 MigrationOne TimeSaaS AccessEAI Input
Merging/Splitting x x
Emerald Expert Input x x x


Emerald staff does not visit a client without the P6-Loader. An automation tool that truly sells itself. 

A sample of P6-Loader clients include:


  • Kentz Canada

Oil & Gas

  • Glencore
  • Chevron
  • Imperial Oil


  • CCRL
  • Husky Energy
  • Imperial Oil
  • Nova


  • Kiewit
  • CEDA


  • Enmax
  • Connecticut Light & Power


  • San Diego Unified School District


  • Baffinland

Here is what a recent customer had to say:

Since incorporating the P6-Loader into our reporting system, we’ve streamlined our schedule updating process (for several projects) from what used to take several hours down to under an hour. Thanks to Emerald’s excellent on-site training and support in integrating it into our progress reporting system, productivity has increased significantly. I’m convinced this is the best software purchase we’ve ever made!
- Planning & Project Controls Specialist (International Engineering Company)


The modules included in the P6-Loader 6.0 are:

Global Information

  • User Info & Full Profiles
  • EPS Spending/Benefit Plans
  • Project/Activity Codes
  • UDFs
  • Cost Accounts & Financial Periods
  • Calendars
  • Unit of Measure/Currencies
  • Funding Sources
  • Notebook Topics/Notebooks
  • WBS & Document Categories
  • Risk Categories/Thresholds/Matrix
  • Usage Sheets

Project Info

  • Project Spending/Benefit Plans
  • Project Settings - EPPM Settings
  • WBS
  • Baselines/Baseline Types
  • Risks/Impacts/Response Plans & Actions
  • Copy Template/Project
  • Team Member/Unifier

Activity Info

  • Activities
  • Logic - Predecessors/Successors
  • Activity Feedback
  • Activity Expenses
  • Activity Steps
  • Document Status
  • Sheet Controllers


  • Activity Code Roll Down
  • XER Converter/XER Cleaner
  • Run Job Services (Schedule/Level, Export, Create Baseline, Copy Project)

Resource & Roles

  • Resource/Role Dictionary
  • Resource Codes
  • Resource/Role Teams
  • Resource Assignments
  • Assignments - Bucket Planning
  • Assignments - Financial Periods






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