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Recovering Deleted Primavera P6 Data - A Client Crisis

Have you ever had a critical piece of data deleted in your Primavera P6 database and needed to recover it?

A client of ours had just this sort of scenario.

The user reached out to us in a panic. This user had just been given increased access in P6 and had renamed an existing UDF. He realized it was renamed improperly and instead of changing the name of the UDF, he deleted it. The project level User Defined Field (UDF) had data assigned to many of their projects. They needed to recover it and ensure the values were reinstated on their projects. We were able to recover the data in less than and hour and a half.
The first thing we did was use our P6-Auditor tool to identify the UDF and what time it had been renamed and then deleted. This helped us to identify how far we needed to go back to recover it. Recreating the UDF was no problem; we knew what the UDF was named originally because of the P6-Auditor and added it back to the UDF dictionary.

We needed to identify and restore values that were assigned to over 400 projects. If we restored from a weekly or monthly full database backup, we could lose recent changes to all 2,750 projects that had been done since the the backup was taken. That was clearly not ideal! However, we had been creating backup XML files with our P6-Loader’s backup functionality on a nightly basis, so we could get the values from those XMLs.

Our programmers wrote a query to create a CSV file with the Project ID and UDF values from those backup XML files. They then queried the projects with data in that UDF and provided them to our functional team. The functional team then used that data to populate a P6-Loader file in Excel that would repopulate the UDF values. We then uploaded the files with P6-Loader and voila! Data restored.

Our P6-Auditor and P6-Loader tools were invaluable in restoring our client’s data so quickly. If you would like more information on these tools or any of our other offerings, visit our website at
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About the Author

Sue Fermelia - Implementation Specialist

At Emerald Associates, Sue is an Implementation Specialist and has been successful at drawing on her accounting and project management background to consult with our diverse client base. With her friendly demeanor and strong communication skills, she has become a talented Primavera P6 trainer and works very hard to effectively implement Oracle Primavera solutions that cater to each client’s unique organizational needs.

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