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P6-Scrubber v04

Are you polluting your P6 data when you import XERs/XMLs from other companies? Do you have a scrubbing database you import XERs/XMLs into just so you can clear out unwanted data from them, re-export the cleaned project, and then re-import it to your working database? Both of these scenarios are very common and in the first case, can really pollute your working database with all kinds of unwanted garbage or in the second case, cause lost time cleaning out someone else’s junk.

P6-Scrubber is the answer to your data pollution woes. This tool designed by Emerald Associates will take care of clearing out that unwanted garbage prior to importing the XER/XML by allowing you to easily decide what is acceptable in the file. The P6-Scrubber Definition Configurator allows you to set up and save definitions for each client to be used over and over without rebuilding it each time. Definitions can also be edited, so if a new cleansing definition is needed, it can be added to the existing one.

P6-Scrubber can be deployed stand alone or it can be pointed at one or many database so data can be validated against what is already in the database.

P6-Scrubber - Demoting Versions in XERs

Have you ever had the need to demote an XER from a higher version of Primavera P6 to a lower version so you can import the file into your database? This can be a problem when the file was generated in a higher version and you have a lower version in your organization. Manually modifying the version can cause data corruption and bring your database to its knees.

P6-Scrubber v3 - New Release

Work online or offline to define and scrub your XER files. Version 3 makes scrubbing files even easier for schedulers .

May 21, 2020

Work online or offline to define and scrub your XER files. Version 3 makes scrubbing files even easier for schedulers .

Feature requests for v4 include file uploads and scrubs, auto upload, and XML.

New Features

  • online mode capable for more than one P6 database

  • online mode - suggested mapping for Codes

  • online mode - suggested mapping for UDFs

  • online mode - suggested mapping for Calendars

  • online mode - suggested mapping for Roles and Resources

  • online mode - suggested mapping for Cost Accounts

  • Share Scrubbing definitions to team members

P6-Scrubber - Keep Your P6 Clean!

Introducing our Latest Primavera P6 Add-on

Are you importing schedules into scrubbing databases, taking out all the unwanted data you don't want to pollute your production database, re-exporting the schedule and then importing it into the database where it should have gone in the first place?

Do you have required specifications your contractors need to follow for their schedules, but have a hard time knowing whether those details are missing or incorrect until you've already imported them?

Do you want to ensure you are not importing POBS tables and corrupted RISKTYPE tables?

That's a lot of quality assurance to do! Maintaining your corporate data standards for dashboarding and reporting can be a full time job, especially when project teams have their own coding structures and requirements for their P6 Environment.

Don't worry; there's relief. Emerald has developed a new tool that will do all that work for you! We are now introducing P6-Scrubber.