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Saying Goodbye to Expedition 8.5 and Hello to Unifier - Part 2

A Case Study From A Technical Perspective

Alberta’s Capital Health was a big user of Expedition from the 1990s through to 2010. They had hundreds of projects that were sitting on a Sybase SQL-Anywhere server that needed to be retired, but they needed to have easy access to the documents related to these health care projects.

Emerald solved their problem using the PCM-Archiver. This PCM add-on tool automates the extraction process of all projects and documents, and in this case, ultimately saved the client approximately 140 hours of computing work. For a more in-depth understanding of this project and its results, please refer to Part 1 of Saying Goodbye to Expedition 8.5 and Hello to Unifier. In Part 2, we are going to explore a more technical perspective including some of the bumps we experienced along the way of extracting 1,213,318 documents, generating 1,123,318 Excel files, generating links for 39,384 attachments, and generating 91,236 PDF files!

Saying Goodbye to Expedition 8.5 and Hello to Unifier - Part 1

A Case Study From A Functional Perspective

Primavera Expedition, now known as Primavera Contract Management (PCM), was a great tool in its day and still is as PCM. We had a number of clients who ran their entire capital program on the tool with hundreds of large and small projects.

Now that PCM is moving into the extended support phase, how do you get years of data out of the system and preserve it for future reference?

Primavera Unifier - Keeping things moving even when you are in Hawaii

freedom from work

Primavera Unifier allows users to assign a proxy. The final tab in the User Preferences is where a “Proxy” is set.

Setting a proxy allows you to assign another user the rights to login for you and move your tasks to the next step of the workflow on your behalf. You may also be given proxy rights for someone else.

Primavera Gateway 16.2 and API Development for Integration

Integrating with Primavera P6 and Unifier - Where do we stand?

Primavera Gateway is an integration web application being developed by Primavera that allows data to be moved between a Primavera application and another application. Primavera Gateway consists of an Integration Broker in the middle, and at least two providers, one for each application that is involved in the integration. All Primavera providers are built-in including the P6 Provider, Unifier Provider, Enterprise Track Provider and Prime Provider. Third-party vendors can create additional Primavera Gateway providers to integrate non-Primavera applications with Primavera applications.

What's New With Primavera Unifier 16.2

A Brief Overview of the changes in Primavera Unifier 16.2

It is that time of year again where we celebrate the harvest and look forward to the latest release of Oracle Primavera. Once again the Oracle Construction and Engineering teams have got some great new improvements in Primavera 16.2 for us.

On the Unifier side they are working hard to make Unifier easier to administer, easier to integrate with, easier to load documents into and easier to get reports out.

Unifier Language Preferences

How To Set Your Language Preferences In Unifier 10.1

Unifier 10.1 has given each user the ability to customize their user experience based on their region. Users are able to select which language, time zone, date format, and number/currency formats they wish to work with. There are currently 11 different languages available for a user to choose from.

Managing Group Memberships in Unifier

Simplifying Bulk Access Control Administration

Primavera Unifier has a powerful security model that can be challenging to administer. It allows modeling roles by using groups and assigns roles to users by adding them to those groups. In addition, permissions can be granted to groups. The thing that makes it difficult to administer is that each project and shell has its own groups.

What's New in Primavera Unifier 10.1

Primavera Unifier Goes International with Multi-Language

The release of version 10.1 marks a new milestone in the progression of Primavera Unifier as an international product. It’s a tough choice between whether the introduction of multi-language capabilities or the significant changes in the P6 Integration functionality is our favorite improvement.

Unifier Security Part 2: Line Item Security


As discussed in Unifier Security Part 1: Field Security, the field security of a business process can be configured in Unifier. The line items of a business process can also be configured for increased security and confidentiality. This series of blog posts will explore these security features that can be designed in Unifier uDesigner.

Unifier Security Part 1: Field Security


As discussed in the blog “How To Customize Workflow Forms”, the fields of a business process form can be fully configured to meet company standards. This can be used to increase information security throughout the business process. This series of blog posts will explore these security features which can be designed in Unifier uDesigner.