What's New - Unifier v17 SaaS

In early 2017 CEGBU released a new version of Unifier in their SaaS Cloud. This is their new release strategy with monthly releases in the cloud and yearly releases for on-premise.

What's New

In Unifier 16.2, CEGBU focused heavily on improving the document management features, business process management and better embedding of analytics. This trend continues with v 17 Unifier SaaS improvements.

Document Management

The document management library enhancements continue to improve ease of use, better security and maximizing the power of AutoVue.

  • File Upload - administrators can now define the types of documents that are allowed to be uploaded. This includes file size management, file types allowed or restricted.

  • Document Metadata - when copying documents, the metadata is copied to make editing and managing documents easier.

  • Line Item Attachments - line item attachments can now be made mandatory in uDesigner at the BP level.

  • Publishing - Auto controlling publishing of attachments can also take place on document and line status change

  • Document Review Screen - when reviewing a document, the user now has the ability to publish in the same process window.

  • Copying Attachments - moving attachments from the line item to the header of a document can now be part of a BP creation.


  • Stamps - When using AutoVue for collaborative document markups, the user can include stamps. These stamps are being used to action control privileges automatically.
  • Revisions - The user can see document revisions from AutoVue in Unifier.

Primavera Analytics

Reading more user attributes into Analytics to make your data easier to work with and make available to the extended team to get the data THEY need for Unifier.


  • Bidder Portal - Better templating and control over bidders e-mail formatting for a better user experience.

  • Payment Applications - removed the restriction of one at a time. Now you can have more than one pay app in flight at a given time. It uses the existing Schedule of Values (SOV). Good but dangerous of course.

  • Negative Change Orders - no restrictions

  • Logs - better ability to manage user views and to perform actions without having to open records

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