BI Publisher

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher) offers great potential for customers to expand their reporting capabilities

  • A single, web-based platform for authoring, managing, and delivering reports
  • Create interactive reports and highly formatted documents
  • Combine data from multiple sources into a single report or share it across multiple reports
  • Let us help you create new reports, upgrade exisiting reports or enhance what you already have


Since the release of P6 EPPM 8.1 and Contract Management 14, reports are created and viewed using the BI Publisher reporting solution. BI Publisher software is included as part of the EPPM/Contract Management software packages. In order to use BI Publisher reports, BI Publisher must be installed and configured properly to make the reports available to users.

For EPPM customers that are upgrading from pre 8.1 releases, there is no automatic process to migrate reports built using the P6 Professional Client to BI Publisher. If these customers wish to have the same reports available in EPPM for web-based reporting, the reports will have to be recreated from scratch using BI Publisher.

For Contract Management customers that are upgrading from pre 14 releases, any custom reports that were created using Infomaker will now have to be recreated using BI Publisher.


Emerald Associates has implemented a wide range of BI Publisher reports for customers wishing to create new reports, upgrade existing reports, and enhance reports with additional information.

BI Publisher offers great potential for customers to expand their reporting capabilities. Some of the features of BI Publisher are:

  • Flexibility in choosing how to access EPPM data:
    • EPPM published data (P6RPT schema)
    • EPPM live data (Privuser schema)
    • P6 historical data (e.g. EP-datawarehouse)
  • Build reports that combine data into a single report from multiple data sources (e.g. EPPM, Contract Management, 3rd party data)
  • Flexible options for graphing/displaying data
    • Line/Bar charts
    • Area charts
    • Bubble charts
    • Pie charts
    • Circular charts
    • 3d Graphs
    • Funnel charts
    • Gauge style components
  • Reports that display periodic and cumulative values together (e.g. cumulative S-curve with periodic histogram)
  • Tabular data output options:Ability to display tabular data and multiple graphs together in a single report
    • Data tables
    • Pivot tables
  • Ability to create interactive dashboards with multiple charts that can be used for executive level reporting
  • Flexible report output options including PDF, Excel, RTF, HTML, PPT
  • E-mail delivery of reports
  • Automated scheduled delivery of reports


Emerald Associates has over 15 years of experience developing reporting solutions for customers. We have the expertise to build complex reports to fit our customer’s needs.

Emerald Associates also has in-depth knowledge with installing and configuring BI Publisher to work with P6 EPPM, Contract Management, and Unifier.

We have already implemented the following reporting solutions for our customers using BI Publisher:

  • Project progress reports with Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data to track performance
  • Reports that combine tabular data with histograms and pie charts
  • Reports that show data from both EPPM and Contract Management together in a single report
  • BI Publisher Excel reports that combine BI Publisher data with Excel Macros to create Excel data tables and charts
  • Reports that display hierarchical data with multiple grouping levels
  • Reports that display summarized data using Emerald Associates rollup tools
  • Reports that display historical information from EPPM using Emerald’s EP-datawarehouse solution
  • Customized styles, company logos, and header/footer information
  • Enhanced formatting and page layouts using the Word RTF templates provided by BI Publisher
  • Complex reports for Contract Management that show summary and detail information for the cost and change management documents