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Keeping Project Managers and Accountants working to the same beat has always been a challenge. Since each group has different needs, companies tend to compromise on functionality. Project Managers have different needs from Accountants, as the former is concerned with the future and the later is concerned with accurate records, but they are both concerned with the here and now.


Emerald Associates has developed the most flexible solution to integrate Primavera Systems’ Contract Management® with Timberline Accounting®.

ClearingHouse® consists of three components:

  • The central clearinghouse that users see
  • A Contract Management®/clearinghouse translation component that extracts or inserts data into Contract Management®
  • Timberline®/clearinghouse translation component

The advantage of such a structure is readily apparent for, as an application changes or is updated, it is only necessary to create the appropriate translation component to accommodate it.


No matter if you are geographically dispersed or have multiple offices with multiple databases and several divisions with their own business processes, this tool enables you to keep the common data synchronized in just the way that you run your business.

Emerald's Experience

Emerald has successfully deployed ClearingHouse® across a privately owned construction company which operates throughout Western Canada.