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P6-Visio Loader

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Take the time, pain and frustration out of creating graphical summary reports from Primavera P6

  • Create Microsoft Visio graphical reports from Primavera P6
  • Fast report generation and updating
  • Fully customizable layout and aesthetic

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Many companies use schematics created in Microsoft Visio® to represent work processes within a project in an easily understood graphical summary. Although these graphical summaries are extremely useful, creating these diagrams as well as updating them is labour intensive and time consuming.


Emerald developed the P6 to Visio Loader that uses P6 data as the data source to automatically create a "ball and stick" diagram generated in Microsoft Visio®. The tool takes the latest schedule data from P6 and groups related activities at a more optimized level than can be displayed in a Gantt chart. This allows large schedules to be viewed on a single page print-out that still displays all the activity date ranges and relationship logic. The P6 to Visio Loader also has the option to summarize activities at the level used to group activities which can be useful for displaying a very high level diagram of large schedules.


By using the Emerald's P6 to Visio Loader our clients are able to automate the labor intensive process of graphical summary reporting. With Emerald’s tool you can:

  • Avoid work duplication and improve accuracy
  • Create graphical reports and update them quickly and easily
  • Review process flow and project scope with ease
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Emerald has experience developing this tool for one of the largest nuclear reactor designers in Canada. Any company wanting to produce one-page, graphical summary reports in Microsoft Visio® should consider Emerald’s P6 to Visio Loader.

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