Dan MacMillan - Integration Specialist

Dan has been developing software professionally for over 20 years, joining Emerald Associates in 2003.  His experience includes accounting, supply chain management, drilling program management, project management, and contract management integration, automation and dashboarding elements.

Dan learned how to program computers as a child by watching his older brother making games on his Commodore 64.  His interest in computers and programming drove him to teach himself BASIC, 6502 and 80386 assembly language programming, and then C so that he could write hobby programs. Moving from hobby to professional, Dan did his computer science studies at SAIT in Calgary.

In his first professional programming job, Dan had the autonomy to make mistakes, live with them, learn from them and fix them.  He realized that quality in software derives, not from what it does, but from the way it is written, and yields benefits such as having fewer bugs, and being easier to read and change.  On that project, Dan transitioned from programming hobbyist to craftsman with a “quality first” focus in his work.

Oracle ODA and ZFS Appliance Rack and Stack


We are just at the beginning of a project to migrate our client's Primavera databases and applications onto multiple Oracle Database Appliance X4-2s (ODAs) and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3-2s (ZSAs) in multiple datacenters, implementing the Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture to ensure the highest standard of availability is maintained.  They have had issues in the past with their system becoming unavailable during a turnaround and they have acquired these appliances and contracted Emerald Associates to ensure that experience is not repeated.