SAP Integrated to P6 with P6-Loader

Large Australian rail company uses the P6-Loader to integrate SAP to Primavera P6.

SAP Integrated to P6 with P6-Loader

Monthly cost loading made easy for hundreds of projects.

Written by Nicole Jardin

Client Overview

Large railway projects need a tremendous amount of coordination and strong scheduling. Managing monthly costs and updates from several regional contractors so that shareholders can be informed of status can be a challenge.


  • Gathering updates from contractors working in remote regions to keep forecasting accurate

  • Ensuring costs were captured and validated against the schedule performance


  • Streamlined the efforts of updating down from 4 person weeks to 2 person days. Data Imports by over 30%.

  • Errors and mismatches were reduced significantly

  • Several macros made this extract and upload much more reliable than manual inputs

  • Reloading every day during the update window was smooth

From Our Customer

SAP to P6 updates were easy to perform so that forecasting was much more accurate.