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P6-Loader Used for Project Cleanup

Learn how Emerald helped a client clean up and upgrade their Primavera P6 database before moving to the Cloud.

P6-Loader Used for Project Cleanup

Client moved from P6v16 on-premise to P6 v22 in the Cloud

Client Overview

Client is a worldwide supplier of products and services to the global power generation and gas production industry and is based in Calgary, Alberta.


  • Clean up and upgrade Primavera P6 database from P6 v16 on-premise to P6 v22 in the Cloud.

  • Additionally, a standalone database was identified to be incorporated in the upgrade.


  • The agreed database clean up and incorporation of the second database was carried out. The database was then upgraded and loaded to the cloud.

  • In addition to the clean-up and upgrade, training on the new version of P6 was presented.

  • Emerald used P6-Loader as a service to identify activity codes and UDFs currently not assigned to any activity IDs to facilitate dictionary cleanup.

  • The P6-Loader was also used to move schedule files and reformat EPS and OBS structure.

From Our Customer

Emerald was an excellent partner on our project. Would look forward to working with them again.

Mervyn Brice - IT Project Manager
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