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P6-Reporter Used to Capture and Report on P6 Data

Learn how P6-Reporter helped an engineering company in this case study.

P6-Reporter Used to Capture and Report on P6 Data

Client Overview

Client is and engineering and environmental consulting firm that diversifies services to strengthen core competencies in complex, multidiscipline work. They are the largest Power Delivery detail designer in the US, Top 5 in Power (Generation + Power Delivery), have 10+ years as Top 10 Food & Beverage Engineering firm and are a Top 200 Environmental firm.


  • Schedulers needed to create reports on how their projects in Primavera are progressing with convenient, easy to understand reporting and dashboards in Power BI.

  • Report creators needed to capture and report on historical data from their P6 databases.


  • Emerald provided a solution using Oracle Data Access Connector that allows the client to connect and query data from their Oracle databases.

  • Emerald's P6-Reporter takes snapshots of data at points indicated by the client. This data is made available in Power BI tables for report trending.

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