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Milestone Trending

Primavera P6 Report: Milestone Trending Chart. Created in Power BI

Select any milestone you'd like to view and see how they are trending across all of your projects

  • Right out of the box, our reports will pick up any of the milestones in your projects. When new milestones are added, those will be available too.
  • Slice them by Project Manager, Project Type, Fiscal Year; any Primavera P6 code or UDF can be used - P6-Reporter (previously EP-datawarehouse) gives you access to all of your P6 fields so you can add it to your report.

Side by Side Trending

In the visual below, P6-Reporter captured snapshots of P6 monthly: these are the values that you see in the report date. Because the data was stored, it allows us to do comparisons, so you can take the milestones for the current month and see them beside where they were last month, last quarter, or last year.

Primavera P6 Report: Side-by-Side Milestone Trending Chart. Created in Tableau

All of the report pages seen on this page are available in both Power BI and Tableau, and using P6-Reporter, can be recreated in any reporting tool capable of connecting to an Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server database.