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Primavera Contract Management:
Custom Change Collection Plugin

Out of the box, Contract Management (formerly Contract Manager, Expedition) summarizes change orders when collecting them. A single line item is created in the payment requisition that represents the entire change order. Change order cost distributions are aggregated and then attached to the new payment requisition line item. The problem with doing this is that the detail behind the line items in the change order is lost on the payment requisition, and by extension, and so is the justification for the amount certified.

Emerald's technology amends the CM behaviour so that changes collected into payment requisitions are brought in at the line item level. All of the detail is kept intact. The line items are all present on the requisition and they can all be progressed independently of each other. Complex contracts and change orders are modeled on the requisition without reduced fidelity.

This plug-in technology adds to Emerald's comprehensive project and contract management suite of tools, continuing to assure its customers of a competitive advantage in complex project management scenarios.