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P6-Loader v6 Webinar - What's New in P6-Loader - 2018-08-16

P6-Loader v6 Webinar - What's New in P6-Loader - 2018-08-16


Since 2010, P6-Loader has pushed over 100 Million P6 records to/from Excel. It is being used on projects all over the world to manage capital programs, large and small capital projects, commissioning and startup programs and turnarounds large and small.

With this latest version, we have made going Corporate and going Cloud much easier.

Global/corporate structures are even easier to manage, job services are easier to run, notebooks are more accessible, and XER and XML management and controls across multiple projects are more user friendly. With the addition of Usage Spreadsheets, finding where that global data is used makes keeping your database “lean” an easy task.

See what our clients are saying!

“Since incorporating the P6-Loader into our reporting system, we’ve streamlined our schedule updating process (for several projects) from what used to take several hours down to under an hour. Thanks to Emerald’s excellent on-site training and support in integrating it into our progress reporting system, productivity has increased significantly. I’m convinced this is the best software purchase we’ve ever made!” - Jody Eversfield, Planning & Project Controls Specialist of Kentz E & C

"I can't imagine how much longer our P6 implementation would have taken without the P6-Loader." - Sonja, Andeavor

Take the first step towards accessible data management and come see why the P6-Loader is a must-have for any team that manages large, multi-user projects, capital programs, or complex turnarounds.

We'll see you there!