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Global Engineering Consultant Enhances P6 Usage

Learn how Emerald's tools are enhancing this Engineering Consulting Company's use of P6

Global Engineering Consultant Enhances P6 Usage

P6-Loader and P6-Auditor provide the means to Enhance P6 Usage

Written by Sue Hopkins

Client Overview

Power Engineers is a global consulting engineering firm that offers complete and multi-discipline engineering, architecture and program management services.


  • Power Engineers needed a way to easily administer multiple P6 databases and also update many projects on each update cycle.

  • Administration challenges were maintaining users and user profiles, and global data like activity codes.

  • On the updating side, updating actual costs and maintaining cross project relationships between contractor and owner schedules after each update cycle was really time consuming and error prone.

  • Administrators needed an effective way to view audit information in multiple databases for their large user base.


  • One administrator is able to handle all user and codes maintenance for 10+ databases.

  • P6-Loader allows the team to continue to cost load much more quickly each month.

  • Handling cross project relationships is much less error prone now after receiving XERs from contractors on each update; it is a simple extract logic, change the project reference and reload!

  • The project controls team is able to tackle problems that they could not prior.

  • P6-Auditor has allowed them to keep a finger on the pulse of their schedules and gives them a means for disaster recovery.

From Our Customer

"P6-Loader enables me to do things that I wouldn't otherwise be able to do. It facilitates the ability to tackle problems that the infrastructure doesn't support. P6-Loader has been a quality and service enhancement."

John Moorman - Project Control Manager
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