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P6-QA v08 Webinar: Process and Schedule Validation in P6 - 2024-03-26


When P6 users collaborating on a project come from diverse backgrounds with varying skill levels, ensuring business processes and schedules are built to your quality standards can be a real challenge. To ensure schedules are well developed and provide a dependable reflection of a workable project plan, expensive third party consultants are often hired to oversee or critique P6 schedules, particularly when a project gate is pending.

Emerald’s P6-QA tool removes the burden of manual schedule and business process analysis by automatically identifying deficiencies in Primavera P6 schedules based on scheduling best practices, industry standards such as the Defense Contract Management Agency’s (DCMA) 14-point assessment, and user introduced business process requirements. Additional checks have been added based on Government Accountability Office (GAO), NASA and PMI standards as well as common user requested business process requirements. A user can now also see statistics on activities for a number of different scenarios.

The P6-QA tool is unlike other third party Primavera schedule validation tools because it seamlessly integrates directly into Primavera P6 itself, allowing for the improvement of project management skills and scheduling quality in real-time. The P6-QA tool can be run at a preset interval such as weekly or monthly, or on an as-needed frequency to maximize your P6 schedulers’ ability to self-critique and ensure effective quality control and ongoing user-driven improvements.

Join our free webinar and see how the P6-QA v08 tool can help your team!

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