P6-Scrubber v04 Webinar: Keeping P6 Database Standards - 2022-09-27

September 27, 2022 7:00 am MDT - 8:00 am MDT


Importing project XERs and XMLs can wreak havoc with your P6 database and your corporate standards for dashboards and reporting. But with projects teams all around the world with their own P6 coding structures, it is hard to avoid polluting your P6 system. How do you make sure you're not importing junk or old information?

P6-Scrubber will make this problem go away. This new tool built by Emerald gives you control to manage data from imports. Hold, Keep, and Clean data options at project, WBS, activity and many global features can be controlled by the importer. We take advantage of our existing P6-QA and P6-Calculator tools to flag and report on what P6-Scrubber did in importing so the team can give contractors feedback against standards with only minutes of effort and not hours. 

The latest release of P6-Scrubber now includes support for XML files. Come see how P6-Scrubber v04 will make your project teams' job even easier.