Costing in P6 with the P6-Calculator Webinar - 2023-04-27

April 27, 2023 8:00 am MDT - 9:00 am MDT


P6 is a great tool to plan activities, resources, and expenses for your project management needs. In many cases, teams don't use the costing capabilities in P6 and have other expensive tools that are also underutilized and have overlaps with ERP systems.

Emerald's P6-Calculator leverages the P6 database and adds functionality to P6 with additional calculations, functions, and utilities to use P6 better. It has been Emerald's "magic" tool to get more out of P6 by automating calculations that go well beyond the out-of-the-box Primavera P6 functionality and minimizing additional tools. 

NEW features will be shown in this webinar:

  • Auto-FX Rate - for dealing with multi-currency
  • Auto-Forecasting - from integrations and field observation
  • Multiple Project based rates - including margin management
  • Auto-rollup and controls

Join our free webinar and see how Emerald’s P6-Calculator can help your team do more in P6 related to resources and cost control.