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Monitoring Large P6 Groups with P6-Auditor

P6-Auditor helps find users who made mistakes in P6

Monitoring Large P6 Groups with P6-Auditor

Deleting and editing global data happens; P6-Auditor can help

Written by Nicole Jardin

Client Overview

Large Electrical Utility with several P6 databases with internal and external scheduling teams needed a way to manage and report on functions inside P6.


  • With a large team of P6 users, it is hard to track down when projects are deleted

  • Ensuring that the EPS does not get changed when users are cutting and pasting projects was a challenge

  • When managing a resource pool of over 10 thousands crews, making sure your resource dictionary is maintained and coding kept up to date with more than one admin can be error prone


  • Tracing project deletes easily and rollbacks if required

  • Reporting on update frequencies - actual starts, actual finishes, and percent completes

  • Edits to the resource dictionary that were not expected including deletes and cut and pastes

  • Verifying changes to activity codes and who made them as well as when they were made

  • Tracing EPS moves that no user admitted to

  • Finding logic changes that should not have been made as well as task deletes

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